25 Feb 2009

Kona ba Longuinhos Monteiro

Xanana hakarak hili Longuinhos Monteiro (LM) sai komandante geral PNTL.

Maibe LM nia involvimentu iha kazu krimi nian diskualifika nia atu kaer kualker cargo iha governo ka estado. Tanba LM mak PGR, nia hamate tiha kazu criminal hotu-hotu nebe ema foti kontra nia.

Ezemplo diak liu mak kazu suap ho amiasa nia halo ba Francisco Akoileon. Haree iha cronologia nebe Yayasan HAK fo sai:

  • On 18 November 2004, at 21.15 (9:15 pm) at the residence of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro (next to City Café), Mr. Longuinhos together with Mr. Benevides Barros (President of the Timor-Leste Attorneys' Association), Mr. Estaquio Guterres (Prosecutor) and two members of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) forced Mr. Francisco Lui (alias Aquileong) to give the three of them 279,000,800 Indonesian Rupiah.
  • After this incident Aquileong, accompanied by his attorneys Mr. Silverio Pinto Baptista and Mr. Tome Jeronimo submitted a complaint to the Department of National Investigation (DIN) of the PNTL. At that time the Chief of DIN, Mr. Marcos took the complaint and indeed registered it as a criminal case with the Prosecutor's office as complaint No. 174.
  • When Aquileong and his attorneys went to the Prosecutor's office inquire about the case, several visits over time, they were finally told that the documentation for case No. 174 was lost, demonstrating abuse of power in relation to the lost documentation on the case.
Tau LM atu chefia PNTL ne hanesan tau fali asu-fuik ida atu hein manu-luhan. Keta Xanana mos sei hili Lucia Lobato ho Americo Lopes atu chefia Comissão Anti Corrupsaun karik?

Eurico Guterres mos hetan kondekorasaun

Haree didiak ba medalha nebe Eurico Guterres, eis lider Milisia Aitarak kaer. Ne medalha Ordem Nicolau Lobato ho Dom Boaventura nian. Se nia medalha mak ne?

Se Eurico Guterres eis lider milisia pro-autonomia nebe responsavel ba krime barak iha 1999 mos kondekoradu hotu ho medalha ukun rasik an nian, se tan mak bele hetan? Karik Xanana halo medalha sira ne laiha folin?

General Wiranto, Coronel Prabowo... Goza ka abuza?

19 Feb 2009

Jornalista ho akademik 85 protes AMP tanba kazu defamasaun kontra Jose Belo


Background to the case: www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2008/s2492880.htm

AUCKLAND (ACIJ/Pacific Media Watch): More than 80 prominent Australian, New Zealand and Pacific reporters, editors and media academics have protested over the controversial criminal defamation case against East Timorese journalist Jose Belo.

Chief editor Belo has been charged followed publication of an article in his newspaper and online publication, Tempo Semanal, making allegations against Justice Minister Lucia Lobato.

The open protest letter, under the umbrella of the Sydney-based Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ), has been signed by 85 media industry and academic people ranging from the ACIJ's Professor Wendy Bacon to ABC Four Corners investigative journalist Liz Jackson, SBS Dateline's Mark Davis and British-based filmmaker and author John Pilger.

It is being sent to President José Ramos-Horta, in New Zealand this week on his first official visit abroad since being wounded in a rebel attack a year ago, and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

“While making no comment on the merits of [Jose Belo’s] allegations, we are disturbed by the application of criminal defamation laws against one of East Timor's bravest and most respected journalists,” the letter says.

“Belo's role in documenting the atrocities of the Indonesian occupation and disseminating that information to the international media is well known.

“Since self-government, Jose has emerged as one of the most productive, disciplined and independent journalists that East Timor has produced. He has become a key figure in the attempt to build a democratic media in your country.

“To be imprisoned by your government would be a great injustice to Jose and more importantly, a terrible precedent for all media in East Timor. Such laws criminalise and suppress good journalism, they help cloak corrupt and questionable behaviour of public officials and they diminish the reputation and international standing of the nations that apply them.

“We note that the laws under which Jose Belo has been charged are left over from the old Indonesian regime, and understand that new laws more suited to a democratic society have been drafted but have not been placed before your Parliament.

“We pledge our support to Jose Belo and all East Timorese journalists who may face imprisonment for the practice of their profession. We urge you to take all actions within your power to bring about the dropping of this charge and the removal of criminal defamation laws in East Timor.”

The letter is signed by:
1. Wendy Bacon, Professor of Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney
2. Liz Jackson, Reporter, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
3. Quentin Dempster, Journalist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
4. Sarah Ferguson, Reporter, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
5. David Marr, Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald
6. Lesley Power, General Counsel, SBS Television, Australia
7. Chris Nash, Professor of Journalism, Monash University
8. Mark Davis, Reporter, Dateline SBS Television, Australia
9. Matthew Moore, FOI Editor, Sydney Morning Herald
10. David O'Shea, Reporter, Dateline, SBS Television, Australia
11. Mark Dodd Defence/Foreign Affairs writer The Australian newspaper
12. Tony Jones, Presenter, Lateline, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
13. Sue Spencer , Executive Producer , Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
14. John Pilger, Filmmaker and Author
15. Tom Zubrycki, Filmmaker
16. Debbie Whitmont, Reporter, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
17. Lindsay Murdoch, The Age, Melbourne
18. Mark Colvin, Presenter of PM, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
19. Professor Stuart Rees, Director, Sydney Peace Foundation
20. Richard Ackland, Editor, Justinian
21. Eric Ellis, Forbes Magazine
22. Tom Morton, Senior Producer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
23. Peter McEvoy, Journalist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
24. Margaret Simons, Journalist and Author, Content Makers and Crikey
25. Marni Cordell, Editor, New Matilda
26. Sophie McNeill, Reporter, SBS Television, Australia
27. Philip Chubb, Associate Professor in Journalism, Monash University
28. Sally McCausland , Senior Lawyer, SBS Television, Australia
29. Hilary McPhee, writer and editor
30. Jacqui Ewart, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Griffith University, New South Wales
31. Peter Manning, Adjunct Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
32. Hall Greenland, Editor of The Week, Australia
33. Professor Michael Fraser, Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney
34. Jock Cheetham, Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald
35. Olivia Rousset , Journalist
36. Melanie Morrison, Dateline, SBS Television, Australia
37. Geoff Holland, Barrister & Lecturer in Law, University of Technology, Sydney
38. Gillian Leahy, Associate Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
39. Amos Roberts, Reporter, "Dateline" SBS Television, Australia
40. Lee Rhiannon, Member of the Legislative Council, Parliament of New South Wales
41. Ivan O'Mahoney Producer, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
42. Michael Doyle, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
43. Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
44. Judith Rodriguez, Melbourne Pen Centre
45. Ian Gerrard, Editor, The Diplomat, Australia
46. Julie Posetti, Freelance journalist & Journalism Lecturer, University of Canberra
47. Megan West, Lawyer, SBS Television
48. Michelle Baddiley , Archive Producer, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
49. Gail Phillips, Associate Professor of Journalism, Murdoch University
50. Martin Butler, Independent Filmmaker, Melbourne
51. Peter Cronau, Journalist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
52. Maryann Keady, Independent Producer, Sydney
53. Associate Professor David Robie, Director, Pacific Media Centre, AUT University
54. Sue Ahearn, Journalist, ABC Melbourne
55. Maire Sheehan, Friends of Maliana, Sydney
56. Antony Loewenstein, Independent Journalist and Author
57. Sylvia Hale, Member of the Legislative Council, Parliament of New South Wales
58. Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
59. Joseph M Fernandez, Senior Lecturer, Journalism, Curtin University of Technology
60. Annette Blackwell, Lecturer in Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney
61. Jane Waddell, Convenor Mosman-Maubara Friendship Committee, Sydney
62. Kate MacDonald, Producer, ABC Radio National
63. Sharon Davis, Radio Documentary, Radio National
64. Liam Phelan, Night Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
65. Mike Carey, Freelance TV and Radio Producer, Australia
66. Associate Professor Peter Dunbar-Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
67. Phil Thornton, Independent Journalist, Thailand
68. Gordon & Marie Esden, Birchgrove New South Wales
69. Kay Nankervis, Lecturer in journalism, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia
70. Sally McCausland , Senior Lawyer, SBS Television, Australia
71. Jenna Price, Lecturer in journalism, University of Technology, Sydney
72. Eurydice Aroney, Lecturer and Radio Journalist, University of Technology, Sydney
73. Bonita Mason, Lecturer in journalism, Curtin University of Technology
74. Mignon Shardlow, Lecturer in journalism, Curtin University, Perth
75. Jahnnabi Das, Researcher, University of Technology, Sydney
76. Akhteruz Zaman, Researcher, University of Technology, Sydney
77. Damian Cobley-Finch, Psychologist, Member of Friends of Maliana
78. Mignon Shardlow, Journalism lecturer, Curtin University, Perth
79. Dr Cassi Plate, Councillor, Leichhardt Municipal Council
80. Steven Scott, The Canberra Times
81. Sylvie Macbean, Fairfax Media
82. Adrian Kendrick, The Age, Melbourne
83. Monica Heary, Journalist, St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
84. Adam Hosfal
85. Rachel Smith, Fairfax Media

16 Feb 2009

Dr. Abilio Araujo hakarak gasta Fundo de Petroleu tomak

Agora daudaun AMP prepara hela ezbosu lei atu muda lei Fundo de Petroleu atu nune sira bele gasta konforme sira nia hakarak. Proponente ida ba ideia ne mak la seluk la leet, Dr. Abilio Araujo rasik.

Tuir Dr. Abilio Araujo, Fundo de Petroleu ne impozisaun kolonialista ida ba Timor-Leste bazeadu ba prekonseitu ida katak Timor oan hotu-hotu iha tendensia atu sai koruptu no la hatene haree sira nia an rasik. Nia dehan, "justifikasaun ba kriasaun Fundo (de Petroleu) ne bazeadu ba teze katak ema hotu-hotu nebe mai husi nasaun nebe mak produs oleu sempre iha tendensia jenetiko-kulturalida atu produs lider nebe koruptu, nebe sei han mohu tiha rikeza povu nian."

Bele lee Dr. Abilio Araujo nia konselho atu gasta Fundo de Petroleu ne iha blog TLN. Ou iha ingles iha ne'e.

Ida ne mak hipokrizia malorek nebe karakteriza Dr. Abilio Arajo nia personalidade. Ezemplu Dr. Abilio Araujo rasik deklara antes de 1999 katak Timor oan sira laiha kondisaun atu moris mesak hanesan nasaun independente. Tuir Dr. Abilio Araujo, Timor oan sira nia destinu sei sai diak liu bainhira Indonesia mak ukun ita. Dr Abilio Araujo mak hamoris opsaun ida naran "Terceira Via" nebe laiha diferensa ho opsaun nebe grupu pro-autonomia (ka pro integrasionista) sira aprezenta. Ohin loron Dr. Abilio Araujo dehan katak Timor oan sira bele jere sira nia rikeza sein lei ruma atu limita sira nia abilidade ne.

Uluk iha 1975 Dr. Abilio Araujo kumu liman dehan mate ka moris ukun rasik an. Ikus mai Dr. Abilio Araujo duni mak hakarak dudu fali Timor-Leste sai provinsia Indonesia nian.

Tanba sa mak Dr. Abilio Araujo derepente halai kedas ba ideia katak tuir lolos Timor-Leste la presiza lei Fundo de Petroleu? Iha 1999 dehan Timor oan sira seidauk iha maturidade atu kaer rasik kuda talin. Ohin dehan fali Timor oan sira bele ona gasta osan oleu nian sein iha lei ruma atu kontrola. Tansa? Tanba Dr. Abilio Araujo iha interese maka'as bainhira Timor oan sira gasta tan osan husi Fundo ne. Uluk iha 1999 Dr. Abilio Araujo iha interese business barak iha Indonesia hamutuk ho jeneral TNI sira, tan ne se karik Timor-Leste kontinua ho Indonesia, Dr. Abilio Araujo mak sei benefisia husi relasaun ida ne.

Ohin Dr. Abilio Araujo rasik maka envolvidu ho empresario sira husi China nebe foin daudauk fa'an makina antigu obsoletu oleu pezadu nian ba Timor-Leste atu jere ninia eletrisidade. Se maka manan husi kontratu ida ne? Dr. Abilio Araujo mak sei manan. Se mak sei lakon? Timor oan sira, tanba sira sei hela ho makina antikuadu ida nebe inefisiente no la fo benefisiu ida proporsionadu ho osan nebe mak nasaun ne gasta. Agora Dr. Abilio Araujo hakarak hasai osan barak liu fali husi Fundo de Petroleu. Dr. Abilio Araujo atu lori tan bussiness saida mai Timor-Leste? Dr. Abilio Araujo sei manan hira husi ne? Timor oan sira sei lakon hira?

Depois sei komik liu fali bainhira ita haree katak nasaun sira nebe iha lei ida atu regula sira nia reseita husi petroleu maka rai sira nebe oras ne dezenvolvidu hanesan Nova Zelandia, Noruega ho Malazia! Timor-Leste nia lei Fundo de Petroleu dezenvolve husi ezemplu nebe nasaun sira ne fo.

Se mak la konhese Dr. Abilio Araujo?

13 Feb 2009

Karta Aberta ba Xanana Gusmão

Ida ne mak karta ida hakerek husi Cancio "Cassimata" Ximenes, nebe publika iha Timor Post iha 10/02/09 ho titulu:

"Karta Aberta ba Xanana Gusmão".

Quote balu husi "Cassimata" nia hakerek ne dehan:

"Maun Boot Xanana Gusmão. Loron ohin, ita boot fo leet ba timoroan nebe uluk kontra "Ukun Rasik-an" (pro-autonomia) tur iha fatin aas [laos atu fahe] hodi bele goza povu nia osan. Loron ohin dala ida tan, povu lakon "Konfiansa" ba ita boot tamba hamaus liu ema "traidor" sira tur iha ita boot nia sorin hodi tebe sees "Luta Nain" sira ba kotuk tamba dehan la iha kuinesimentu be klean. Ita boot hakarak liu bolu timoroan "milisia" nebe matenek duke dada besik "luta nain" sira nebe fuuk naruk la fase iha ita boot nia sorin kuana. Tuir knananuk musisi TL Ginho da Costa ninian karik hatete; "...buka deit matenek sira, beik tau ba kotuk.."

Bele dowonload mos Cancio "Cassimata" Ximenes nia hakerek iha ne'e.

Longuinhos Monteiro sai komandante PNTL?

Iha isuisu katak JAG hakarak Longuinhos Monteiro mak sai komandante geral PNTL nian. Maibe foin daudauk ne Longuinhos Monteiro lakon kazu ida mak nia halo hasoru Francisco Akuileon tanba nia akuza Akuileon halo defamasaun hasoru nia. Iha 2005 Akuileong hatete sai ba jornal katak Longuinhos Monteiro, Benevides Correia Barros ho Estaque Guterres amiasa nia atu fo osan $8600 ba sira nain tolu (nota katak Longuinhos Monteiro, Benevides ho Estaque ne politicamente sira koga ba ekipa ida deit!, liuliu hare ba sira nia aktuasaun durante crise iha 2006). Akuileong ba kesar iha polisia no polisia iha DIN hatama kazu ne nudar kazu kriminal. Maibe ikus mai Longuinhos Monteiro nudar PGR hatama fali Akuileong ba tribunal hodi halo kazu sivil no mos criminal kontra Akuileong. Longuinhos Monteiro obriga Akuileong selu nia $50,000!!! Maibe agora ita hatene katak tribunal de recurso foti desizaun kontra Longuinhos Monteiro.

Agora ita hakarak hatene, kazu nebe Akuileong foti kontra Longuinhos Monteiro, Benevides Barros Correia ho Estaque Guterres ne atu sai hanusa? Se kazu ne uluk regista hanesan kazu criminal iha polisia, tansa mak kazu ne lakon tiha deit? Hare iha Yayasan HAK nia report ne dehan PGR rasik mak halakon tiha file iha kazu nebe hasoru nia. Ne klaru katak Longuinhos Monteiro mak soe hotu kazu ne ba lixo. Longuinhos Monteiro halo gabinete PGR ne hanesan ninia kusta hodi serve fali ninia interese. Yayasan HAK dehan ida ne abuse of power!!

Kazu Longuinhos Monteiro nian ho kazu nebe involve Lucia Lobato ho nia lain ne hanesan lolos kedas.

Akuileong halo alegasaun hasoru Longuinhos Monteiro kona ba korrupsaun. Maibe ikus mai Longuinhos Monteiro mak hatama fali Akuileong ba tribunal. Enves de polisia halo investigasaun hasoru Longuinhos Monteiro kona ba alegasaun seriu ne, polisia investiga fali mak Akuileong.

Jose Belo mos alega katak Lucia Lobato halo kazu korrupsaun. Ikus mai polisia investiga fali mak Jose Belo dehan halo defamasaun enves de investiga Lucia Lobato tanba ninia bussiness dealing nebe nia halo ho SMS hodi fo proyek ba kolega sira ho familia sira.

Iha cronologia nebe Yayasan HAK hatun iha kraik dehan Longuinhos Monteiro, Benevides Correia Barros ho Estaque Guterres ho PNTL nain rua amiasa (forced) Akuileong hodi fo osan ba sira nain tolu. Iha kazu Lucia Lobato nian, iha reportagem husi The Australian indika katak Americo Lopes mos amiasa empresario kompetitor sira seluk atu baku sira se karik empresario ne halo kazu hasoru Americo Lopes ho Pualaka tanba sira hetan tender liu hosi KKN. Empresario nebe Americo Lopes atu baku ne ema Australiano ida e ninia kompanhia mak East Petroleum. Karik Americo Lopes mos sei foti kazu defamasaun hasoru Australiano ne?

Iha ne ita hare iha semelhansas barak, liuliu mak buka uza tribunal hodi amiasa ema seluk. Longuinhos Monteiro uza tribunal no mos ninia pozisaun hanesan PGR atu prevene kazu korrupsaun kontra nia (ho Benevides Correia Barros ho Estaque Guterres). Lucia Lobato mos uza ninia pozisaun hanesan ministra da justisa hodi tenta taka Jose Belo nia ibun no mos kazu nebe Jose Belo foti hasoru nia. Kazu nebe Longuinhos ho Lucia Lobato foti kontra ema nebe hato keixa kontra sira mos iha objetivu nebe hanesan: dezvia atensaun husi kazu nebe seriu tebtebes: korrupsaun nebe mak sira halo. Se ita nia ministra da justisa ho PGR rasik mak uza ona sira nia pozisaun atu dezvia justisa husi ninia dalan los, oinsa maka justisa bele servi duni povu sira?

Nune lori fali ita mai iha proposta husi AMP atu nomeia Longuinhos Monteiro ba komandante Geral PNTL nian. Intensaun lolos husi nomeasaun ne mak saida? Karik Timor Leste ne agora sai hanesan Wild West ba kriminozu sira ho korruptor sira atu halo jogada oioin hodi serve sira nia agenda particular ho agenda politika?

Longuinhos Monteiro labele sai komandante geral PNTL nian tanba nia ema kriminal no mos korruptor!!!!

Press Release husi Yayasan HAK

Court Decision in Defamation of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro SH

On 21J anuary 2009 the Dili District Court ruled on the defamation case of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro against the defendant Francisco Lui alias Aquileong. The court decision freed the defendant Francisco Lui of the charges. This means the complaint of the defendant Francisco Liu and his attorneys of 23 August 2005, and published on 25 August 2005 in the paper Diario Tempo titled "Three Prosecutors Engage in Corruption, Money US$8,600" was not proved to be an act of defamation against Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro, who was and is the Prosecutor-General of Timor-Leste.

To recall, at that time the defendant and his attorneys had lodged a complaint against Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro SH, Mr. Benevides Correia Barros SH, and Mr. Estaque S.P. Guterres SH for Mr. Longuinhos to return Aquileong's money in accordance with the 6 November 2001 decision of the investigative judge and the decision of the Finance Minister on 7 September 2004. They also asked for a public apology to Aquileong via the media in Timor-Leste within one week.

Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro claimed that the publication of the complaint in the media was an act of defamation, and consequently requested the defendant to pay US$50,000 in damages (indemnity) in a civil case.

To conclude the court proceedings, the Dili District Court decided in the case that Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro was not a victim as a result of the news, his case was not proved. What Mr. Longuinhos felt he lost as a result of the news was not proved, and because of this the Court cleared Aquileong of the accusation by Mr. Longinhos Monteiro who claimed he defamed him.

This press release is to inform the public, including the organs of the State, of the court's decision in relation to the case referred to above.

We hope that the media will publicize it so that the public will know.

Dili, 10 February 2009

Brief Chronology
Of the Case of Longuinhos et al.

  • On 18 November 2004, at 21.15 (9:15 pm) at the residence of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro (next to City Café), Mr. Longuinhos together with Mr. Benevides Barros (President of the Timor-Leste Attorneys' Association), Mr. Estaquio Guterres (Prosecutor) and two members of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) forced Mr. Francisco Lui (alias Aquileong) to give the three of them 279,000,800 Indonesian Rupiah.
  • After this incident Aquileong, accompanied by his attorneys Mr. Silverio Pinto Baptista and Mr. Tome Jeronimo submitted a complaint to the Department of National Investigation (DIN) of the PNTL. At that time the Chief of DIN, Mr. Marcos took the complaint and indeed registered it as a criminal case with the Prosecutor's office as complaint No. 174.
  • When Aquileong and his attorneys went to the Prosecutor's office inquire about the case, several visits over time, they were finally told that the documentation for case No. 174 was lost, demonstrating abuse of power in relation to the lost documentation on the case.
  • Because the criminal case was not proceeding, Aquileong decided to bring a civil case against Mr. Longuinhos et al. The Civil Suit began by delivering a summons to Mr. Longuinhos et al. on 23 August, requesting their presence at a meeting to resolve the problem. However, Mr. Longuinhos et al. did not attend the meeting.
  • On 25 August, the newspaper DIARIO TEMPO published a story about the case titled "Three Prosecutors Engage in Corruption, Money US$8,600".
  • Based on the news story in DIARIO TEMPO, Mr. Longuinhos accused Aquileong and his attorneys of criminal defamation in the Dili District Court. Because Mr. Longuinhos, the alleged victim in the case, is the Prosecutor-General, the Dili District Court is not able to prosecute the case. The Dili District Court petitioned the Appeals Court to hear the case. Until now, the case registered as No. 107/05 is held up in the Appeals Court.
  • Beside the criminal case, Mr. Longuinhos also filed a civil suit accusing Aquileong of defamation with the case file No. 82/Civil/2005/Tribunal Distrital Dili.
  • In the civil case referred to above (Case No. 82/Civil/2005/Tribunal Distrital Dili) the court held its first hearing on 11 July 2008 and concluded its proceedings on 21 January 2009, with a decision that:
  1. Freed Mr. Aquileong from accusations of defamation, because the allegation by Mr. Longuinhos was not proved. This means that the story in DIARIO TEMPO was not proved to be defamation, but indeed reality.
  2. Mr. Longuinhos must pay the court costs which total 10% of the value demanded (US$50,000) or US$5000.

Partido Democratico koruptor?

Tuir Mario Carrascalao, iha korruptor iha AMP laran trava nia atu sai II Vice PM (STL 6/2).

PD lakohi Mario Carrascalao sai II Vice PM (TP 13/2).

Karik PD mak koruptor nebe Mario Carrascalao refere?

Entaun Lucia Lobato husi PSD encaixa iha nebe? Koruptor ka apoiante ba Mario sai II Vice PM?

10 Feb 2009

Governu Korrupsaun...

Breok foti Longuinhos Monteiro sai Komandante Geral PNTL!!! Ita nia rai ne atu ba los nebe?

Se mak naok 5 sen, sai. Maibe se mak korupsi osan bot, sira sai bot tan deit.

Le iha kraik ne se imi la kompriende:

The Government Praised Corruptor, Xanana Tells Lies (is a Liar)

6 Feb 2009

Koruptor mak trava Mario Carrascalao ba Vise PM?

Ne mak rumor foun nebe STL ohin kari iha Dili.

Maibé hau hakarak dehan buat ida loloos deit. Ita nia primeiru ministru de facto, Sr. Jose Alexandre Gusmão, de facto ema nebe iha duni nasaun nian diak iha ninia fuan laran. Hanesan sakrifisiu nebe nia fo iha tinan barak atu servi Povu Maubere ho nasaun Timor-Leste, dala ida tan nia buka sakrifika an nafatin ba kauza ida ne iha era pos-independensia. Maibe tansa mak governu nebe nia lidera nakonu ho koruptor sira? Resposta simples.

JAG nia partidu Congresso Nasional da Reconstrução Timorense (CoNaReTi atu diferensia ho CNRT original) la manan liu 50%, maioria nebe mak presiza atu lidera iha ninia direitu rasik. JAG ho Conareti mai iha segundu lugar, tuir FRETILIN. Ho manobra oioin JAG konsege presiona partidu sira seluk atu hamutuk ho Conareti hodi forma AMP i konsekuentemente governu de facto. Maibe JAG mos tenke kompromete buat barak atu mantein unidade iha aliansa AMP ne. Aliansa husi partidu 4 ne, Conareti, PD, PSD ho ASDT fraku tebtebes, numerikamente no mos politikamente. Sa tan kuandu ita tenke servisu hamutuk ho ema nebe iha ambisaun boot liu ninia kapasidade. Se partidu ida sai, AMP monu, JAG mos monu.

Entraun kompromisu ne mak saida? Katak JAG tenke akomoda politikus balu maski politikus sira ne laiha intensaun atu servi povu maibe servi ninia an rasik deit. Politikus sira ne mos mai ho sira nia "bargaining chip", ka kondisaun nebe JAG tenke simu. Se JAG la simu kondisaun ka halo kompromisu ho politiku sira ne, JAG la sai Primeiro Ministro, nein de facto. Iha era pos-independensia JAG laos ona komandante supremu nebe bele manda ema hotu-hotu.

Agora JAG hamrik entre espada e parede. Se JAG akomoda politiku koruptor sira ne, JAG sei lakon ninia prestigiu hanesan nia lakon daudauk. Ema iha rai laran no mos rai liu hateke ba JAG nudar lider ida nebe fo protesaun ba koruptor sira. Se JAG hasai sira husi governu entaun JAG mos tenke husik ninia kadeira hanesan lider governu nian, i bele hakotu ninia mehi nebe ninia belun diak Hermenegildo Pereira publika iha STL. JAG hili ida nebe?

Ikus mai JAG hakarak habosok Mario Carrascalao para tama iha AMP hodi hasae netik governu ne nia oin, i konsekuentemente JAG nia oin. Mario Carrascalao mak hanesan figura ida karik bele fo kredibilidade ruma ba governu ida ne, nebe ikus ne nakonu ho alegasaun korupsaun husi fatin oioin. Maibe ita mos seidauk konhese Mario ho didiak. Nia mampu duni kontrola korrupsaun iha AMP laran ka lae enkuantu membru nebe forte liu iha aliansa ne nia laran, no mos ida nebe hetan alegasaun maka'as kona ba korrupsaun, maka Lucia Lobato, figura ida ho influensia boot iha partidu PSD laran?

Nota katak partidu PSD maka iha liu forsa iha AMP laran, em termos de capacidade teknika, intelectual, politika i representasaun. Ironikamente partidu ida ne maka iha apoiu eleitoral kiik liu kompara ho, por ezemplo, PD ka partidu seluk iha aliansa laran. PSD iha ministru senior barak nebe kontrola ministeriu xave iha governu AMP nian liu relativu ho ninia forsa hanesan justisa, negosius estranjeiru, ekonomia ho dezenvolvimentu, ate parese, finansas hotu. Agio Pereira, fundador PSD, mak besik liu ba JAG. Agora ho Mario Carrascalao sae tan ba II Vice, PSD sei iha representasaun ida disproporcionado tebtebes ho ninia representasaun eleitoral. Maski situasaun ida ne halo ema barak preokupa, argumentu katak hotu-hotu servisu ba Timor-Leste nia diak sempre tau bebeik iha oin atu halo malirin tiha preokupasaun sira ne. Maibe realidade mantein nafatin katak PSD okupa pozisaun xave kuaze tomak iha governu AMP nian.

Nune ita fila fali ba rumor nebe STL fo sai iha ninia edisaun ohin. Koruptor sira mak trava Mario Carrascalao atu sai II Vise PM? Imposivel. Mario Carrascalao mak lider espiritual PSD nian, aman ba partidu ida ne. Mario laiha, PSD mos laiha. Mario ba PSD hanesan ho Avo Xavi ba ASDT iha sira nia papel relativu ho sira nia partidu.

Tansa mak iha movimentu iha AMP laran atu trava Mario Carrascalao hola pozisaun nudar II Vice? Talves ita tenke husu ba membru aliansa AMP, liuliu husu ba bloku PD i keta haluhan mos grupu Mudansa!

Karik Mario Carrascalao iha duni kbiit atu kontrola ninia ema PSD sira iha aliansa AMP husi korrupsaun? So se Lucia Lobato la katiik husi AMP karik!

3 Feb 2009

Roger Fairburn, Ministra Lobato nia la'en nia amigo

Jose Belo husi Tempo Semanal revela hahalok KKN entre Roger Fairburn ho Ministra Lucia Lobato. Agora Lucia Lobato amiasa Jose Belo ho lei defamasaun tuir kodigu penal Indonezia nian. Se mak Roger Fairburn? Lee iha Tempo Semanal.

Roger Fairburn nia telefone mak ne'e: +62811875875

Telefone ba Roger husu ba nia para nia husu ba Americo Lopes ho Lucia Lobato atu hapara perseguisaun kontra jornalista sira, liuliu Jose Belo husi Tempo Semanal!!!

2 Feb 2009

Eskalaun salariu ba funsionariu sira

Oleu pezadu: Korea lakohi, dudu ba Timor

Artikel akademik ida ne koalia kona ba perigu oioin nebe bele mosu ba environmentu ho kauza husi oleu pezadu. Artigu ne interesanti liu tan tamba sientista Koreanu sira mak hakerek. Ita hotu hatene katak AMP kontrata ona kompanhia ida husi Korea atu harii sentral eletrika rua iha Timor-Leste. Prosesu ba kontratu ne laiha duvida mesak SINGLE SOURCE deit.

Sientista Koreanu nain hat ne servisu iha:
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, YIEST, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
  • Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, RTP, NC, US EPA
  • LG Chem/Research Park, Republic of Korea
  • Air and Waste Engineering Laboratory, Department of Environmental Engineering, #305 Back-Un Building, Yonsei University, Heung-up, Won-Ju, Gang-Won 220-710, Republic of Korea
Makina sira nebe uza oleu pezadu emiti polutante oioin nebe afeta ema nia saude.

Ema Korea sira kritiku tebtebes hasoru teknolojia ne no buka medidas atu taka hotu planta oleu pezadu hotu-hotu iha Korea. No entanto Koreanu sira seluk dudu fali makina sira ne ba Timor-Leste, laiha duvida katak sira sei hetan lukru nebe furak tebtebes.

Pontu balu kona ba impaktu husi oleu pezadu maka:
  • Risku barak atu hetan kontaminasaun ba meiu ambiente durante halo transportasaun, armazenamentu no husi ninia restu. Oleu pezadu nia restu balu sei kontamina bee ho ambiente permanente. Balu sei tun hotu hodi kahur ho rai maran. Ninia waste ne difisil tebtebes atu maneja. Ita haree deit oleu restu husi EDTL iha Fomento ita hatene ona. Haree notisia ida ne husi nasaun Kuwait. Foin daudauk sira nia oleu pezadu nakfakar hotu ba mota laran!
  • Oleu pezadu ne kombustivel ida inefisiente liu hothotu. Kuandu ema sunu produtu ne, nia hasai suar nebe kahur makas ho kimiku nebe veneno maka'as (nitrous oxides, sulphur ho heavy metal hanesan vanadium ho nickel). Produtu sira ne iha potensia maka'as atu kauza kanker.
Pergunta nebe ita hakarak hatene mos mak ne: AMP iha politika ba manejamentu no mos monitorizasaun ba utilizasaun produtu ne ka lae? Karik ita husu se AMP tinan ida ona iha poder iha netik politika ruma atu maneja oleu foer nebe sai husi EDTL iha Fomento Delta?

1 Feb 2009

Lucia Lobato (AMP) Vs. Jose Belo (Tempo Semanal)

Freedom (of speech) fighter
February 1, 2009 (Husi The Age)

A crusading journalist intent on exposing official corruption faces the prospect of being sent back to the prison where he was brutalised by his country's Indonesian occupiers, writes Tom Hyland.

Sani kompletu iha The Age.