29 Sep 2008

Timor-Leste difisil hetan MCC - Carrascalão, Alkatiri

*Difficult to get MCC funds, says Carrascalao
*Timor Post, September 29, 2008 Translated from Tetun

Timor-Leste is difficult to get funds from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) from the US, because a lot of corruption found in the country, says Social Democratic President, Mario Viegas Carrascalao.

Macarascalao said based on the report made by International Transparency (IT) publicized last week that corruption in Timor-Leste was critical and led the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government's position lower compared with last year.

"It is difficult for timor-Leste get the MCC funds, because there are a lot of corruptions in the state institutions," Carrascalao said.

Carrascalao added the Government should make efforts to combat corruption in the country and try to make changes to the system of transparency.

*Alkatiri does not believe Timor-Leste will get MCC funds
*Diario Nacional, September 29, 2008 Translated from Tetun

Former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, said he did not believe Timor-Leste to get funds from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), because corruption in the country was so high.

Alkatiri said the MCC funds was from the US people and should not be going through a way of corruption.

Alkatiri also said there was no proper condition in the country to receive more funding support from other countries.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres has questioned the report made by the International transparency and urging them to show where the corruption was found.

East Timor pecuniary battle lifts lid on Horta-Howard connection

Hosi BLOG Lee Rhiannon, MLC (NSW Greens)

Monday, 07 May 2007

As the East Timor Presidential election barely rates a mention in the Australian media I guess most readers of this blog are not aware that the personal wealth of the two Presidential candidates, Francisco Guterres Lu Olo and Jose Ramos Horta, is a hot election issue in that country.

Attempts to strengthen democracy and the long arm of the Australian government in East Timor politics are key elements of this saga that the Australian media has failed to fairly and fully report on.

Understandably many of the building blocks of the democratic process are still being assembled in East Timor. One of these – the all important pecuniary interests statement - is not yet a mandatory requirement for elected officials.

The ruling Fretilin party candidate Francisco Guterres, who won the highest share of votes (29 per cent) in last month's poll, ahead of Ramos Horta (22 per cent), has stolen a march on his rival by declaring his personal wealth

This story could have died in April when Mr Guterres made his public declaration. Dr Horta could have silenced the speculation about his personal wealth by issuing his own pecuniary interests statement. But despite being challenged to follow Mr Guterres lead Dr Horta has failed to reveal any details of his personal wealth.

When asked if he would issue a pecuniary interests statement Dr Horta has come up with a variety of responses. Initially he changed the subject when questioned. He has also stated that he will provide a signed declaration of pecuniary interests if audited by a regulatory body. Another excuse is that he will issue a statement if elected President.

Dr Horta's silence on this issue has allowed Mr Guterres to be identified as the candidate with integrity and honesty. Mr Guterres, "unilateral and voluntary act of transparency", has understandably been strongly promoted by his campaign.

Mr Guterres has declared he has few assets - no savings or investments. He has provided details of the home he shares with his extended family.

In the absence of any statement from Dr Horta information about his interests is circulating. If Dr Horta filled out a pecuniary interests form he would most likely detail the two houses he owns in Dili and Sydney. It is also understood that Dr Horta has used his considerable earnings from the lucrative international speaking circuit to make a number of investments. It has been reported that one of these investments is a boat jointly owned with Australian businessman Wayne Thomas who has close links to loyal Howard supporter and former Australian Liberal Party president Shane Stone.

Mr Stone has a long association with East Timor from his days as Northern Territory Chief Minister and through personal business dealings. When East Timor became a nation in its own right in 2000 the likes of Mr Thomas and Mr Stone were quick to look for ways to make money in the newly independent nation.

It is worth checking out the ABC Background Briefing program on the East Timor activities of the multi-millionaire, Mr Thomas, and Mr Stone, who also did a stint as Australian Liberal Party President, and more recently has helped find staff for Dr Horta. In 2000 Mr Thomas and Mr Stone developed the Dili Lodge in East Timor at a cost of $3 million. The United Nations ordered that the hotel, built on land formerly occupied by the Indonesian army, be closed down, and the buildings removed, deeming Wayne Thomas's lease unlawful because the ownership of the property was in dispute. After a long period the UN backed down and Mr Thomas was allowed to stay.

Dr Horta's continuing association with Mr Stone and Mr Thomas in the current Presidential campaign has been a reminder for many of how close the hand of Australian politics and Australian business is in this Presidential campaign.

So maybe Dr Horta when confronted with questions about his personal wealth decided that he had more to loose than gain from following the example set by his rival for the job, Mr Guterres.

Wednesday May 9 is the second round of the East Timor presidential election. Hopefully the voters will have had time to consider why Dr Horta failed to declare his pecuniary interests.

Xanana/AMP fasilita Hercules loke bisnis iha Timor-Leste. Bulak ka beik?

Rasanya tidak percaya dia preman yang paling ditakuti, setidaknya di kawasan Pasar Tanah Abang. Tubuhnya tidak begitu tinggi. Badannya kurus. Hanya tangan kirinya yang berfungsi dengan baik. Sedangkan tangan kananya sebatas siku menggunakan tangan palsu. Sementara bola mata kanannya sudah digantikan dengan bola mata buatan. Tapi setiap kali nama Hercules disebut, yang terbayang adalah kengerian. --Kick Andy

Governu AMP nebe José Alexandre Gusmão lidera iha ambisaun atu halo Timor-Leste sai hanesan Singapura, maibe ho meius nebe kompromete fali Estadu Timor-Leste ho kriminozu sira. Kriminozu ne ida mak Hercules do Rosario Marçal (‘The Gangster and Gusmao’, The Sunday Age, 16 March 2008).

Xanana/AMP fasilita Hercules mai loke bisnis iha Timor-Leste. Jardim Colmera entrega ona ba Hercules nia liman. Bulak ka beik? Timor-Leste tomak sei dehan LAE ba politika foer sira hanesan ne.

Hercules lidera gang ida iha Jakarta, Indonesia, gang nebe halao atividadi iha Tanah Abang kuinesidu tamba violentu tebtebes. Gang ne uza violensia atu intimida populasaun iha Jakarta no mos uza metodu oho-ema bainhira sira la hetan buat nebe sira hakarak. Membru gang ne moris ho ameasas ba ema seluk atu hetan osan. Hercules mak preman bot liu iha Jakarta no iha criminal record barak.

Hercules mos anak angkat ba jeneral Indonesia nian nebe halo krimi iha Timor-Leste bainhira Timor-Leste sei halo parte iha Indonesia. Jeneral sira ne hetan dakwaan hosi tribunal iha Timor-Leste tamba krime nebe sira halo durante referendum iha 1999. Jeneral sira ne mak tau matan ba Hercules hodi fo protesaun ba nia para nia kontinua ho ninia krimi. Uluk, jeneral sira ne uza Hercules atu intimida ativista pro-independensia sira iha Jakarta. Hercules servisu ba jeneral ABRI sira ne.

Hercules iha ligasaun diak ho eis-milisia pro-autonomia sira. Eis-milisia sira ne agora sai pengawal ba Hercules. Sira lao ho kilat i pistola no simu protesaun hosi jeneral Indonesia nian.

Bainhira insidenti tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta mosu iha 11 Fevereiru, suspeitu sira hosi insidenti ne balu halai ba Indonesia. Suspeitu sira ne balu subar iha lider eis-milisia Halilintar nia uma, Sr. Joao Tavares. Sira seluk subar iha Hercules nia uma. Polisia Indonesia nian ba kaer suspeitu sira ne iha neba. Ne hatudu katak Hercules iha ligasaun ho suspeitu sira ne, no mos iha ligasaun ho insidenti tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta.

Investigasaun iha insidente tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta ne mos hetan ligasaun entre Hercules ho lideransa tim nebe halo asaltu iha Metiaut. Gastao Salsinha ho Alfredo Reinado telefone hela ba Hercules iha loron 11 Fevereiru, loron nebe ema tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta.

Maibe governu AMP lidera hosi Xanana hakarak Hercules ba investe iha Timor-Leste. Xanana hatene katak Hercules nia osan nebe nia atu lori ba investe iha Timor-Leste laos osan nebe hetan ho servisu honestu. Hercules nia osan nia hetan hosi rezultadu krimi nian. Hercules nia krimi hetan suporte hosi jeneral ABRI/TNI sira, nebe uluk halo krimi boot iha Timor-Leste.

Emilia Pires, Ministra das Finansas, ema formadu iha Australia no hela kleur iha Australia. Nune mos Emilia Pires nia alin Alfredo Pires. Ema nain rua ne tenki hatene katak iha Australia, rai nebe sira moris no hetan formasaun, transaksaun ruma ita halo ho ema kriminozu, halo ita sai mos kriminozu. Osan nebe kriminozu hetan hosi krimi laos osan legal. Ministra Emilia Pires no mos Secretario Alfredo Pires tenki iha konsiensia katak moral ho good sense Australia nian prevene ema atu halo ligasaun ho kriminozu ida, liu-liu kuandu kriminozu ne hetan ninia rendimentu hosi krimi boot hanesan oho ema. Se Ministra das Finansas Emilia Pires husik ninia lider Xanana fasilita kriminozu hanesan Hercules Marçal mai investe iha Timor-Leste, entaun Emilia Pires lakon ninia integridade hanesan ema nebe Australianu siar hateke nudar Timor-Leste nia futuru. Emilia Pires ho Alfredo Pires fasilita kriminozu mai halo negosiu iha Timor-Leste.

Timor-Leste simu ema hotu-hotu nebe iha vontade diak atu mai investe no dezenvolve rai ne. Maibe Timor oan sira tenki hapara no rejeita Hercules mai loke ninia bisnis iha Timor-Leste. Hercules laos ema nebe honestu no la hetan ninia osan hosi kosar been, maibe hosi ema seluk nia mate no ema seluk nia susar. Hercules iha ligasaun ho insidente tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta nebe ita konsidera hanesan krimi boot liu hasoru ita nia nasaun Timor-Leste. Hercules servisu hamutuk ho jeneral sira nebe uluk oho ita Timor oan sira. Hercules servisu hamutuk ho milisia sira nebe uluk oho Timor oan sira. Hercules laos ema nebe iha vontade diak atu mai ajuda Timor-Leste dezenvolve. Maibe Hercules sei lori deit konsekuensia at ba ita nia nasaun nia futuru.
Se Hercules ema ida nebe toman ho moris iha krimi nia laran, garantia saida mak Xanana fo katak nia sei la moris nafatin iha krimi bainhira nia mai investe iha Timor-Leste?

Ba ema nebe servisu hamutuk ho jeneral Indonesia sira nebe uluk oho Timor oan sira, karik nia iha direitu atu mai goza ho independensia nebe Timor oan barak sakrifika sira nia an ba?

Ba ema nebe iha ligasaun ho kazu tiru Presidente Ramos-Horta iha 11 Fevereiru, nia iha direitu atu mai investe iha Timor-Leste?

Ita nia nasaun independente nebe moris iha estadu de direito democratico, ita hakarak ariska ita nia demokrasia foun atu halo ligasaun ho kriminozu sira no fasilita sira mai buka osan iha ita nia rain?

Ajuda saida maka Hercules do Rosario Marçal bele fo ba Timor-Leste?

Lae. Ita tenki rejeita inisiativa hosi governante sira atu lori ita nia naran para fasilita kriminozu sira mai tan komete krimi iha ita nia rain. Ita nudar rai Katoliku ida, ita mos iha dever moral atu labele akuda kriminozu sira komete tan krimi ba bebeik. Ita dehan lae ba Xanana Gusmao ho AMP atu lori fali kriminozu ida mai kontinua ho ninia atividade kriminal iha ita nia rain. Ita sofre tinan barak atu hetan ukun rasik an nebe livre no respeita lei. Ita la luta atu fasilita kriminozu sira nia atividade kriminal. Hercules ne kriminozu ida. Ita labele halo importasaun ba kriminozu sira hosi rai seluk mai ita nia rain.
Ita tenki rejeita governu AMP nia kontratu ho Hercules!!!

Governu AMP ho Xanana Gusmão fo Jardim iha Colmera ba Hercules atu loke negosiu iha neba. Hercules atu halo pisina ka kolam renang iha neba. Hercules atu loke loza iha neba. Hercules atu tau tan buat seluk iha neba. Hercules atu loke negosiu iha neba atu ajuda dezenvolve ita nia rain.

Maibe ita husu, garantia saida mak Xanana Gusmao fo katak Hercules sei la uza fatin ne hanesan pontu ba ninia atividade kriminal?

Foin daudauk Jardim Colmera sai hanesan fatin ba deslokado sira, nebe halai namkari hosi uma tanba krizi iha 2006. Deslokadu sira ne vitima hosi krizi nasional nebe Xanana Gusmão mos envolvidu. Agora Xanana Gusmão hasai tiha vitima sira ne para fo fali fatin ne ba kriminozu oho dor ida? Ida ne viola moral sentidu hotu-hotu dezde moral nebe baziku tebtebes nudar ema Katoliku ida hanesan Xanana. Ida ne moe bot ida no falta respeitu ba povu nebe foti Xanana ba kadeira primeiru ministru.

Xanana Gusmao kolia bebeik katak nia sei lori investor estranzeiru mai investe iha ita nia rain. Se investor ne mak kriminozu sira hanesan Hercules Marçal, entaun ne Xanana hanoin sala bot. Timor-Leste la presiza kriminozu sira mai ajuda nasaun ne hetan diak. Durante luta ba ukun rasik an iha tinan 24 nia laran kriminozu sira hanesan Hercules mak ajuda bapa sira sama Timor oan sira. Luta ba ukun rasik an nunka sadere ba kriminozu ida atu mai ajuda ita nia funu. Ohin ita hetan ona ukun rasik an Xanana hakarak husu fali ba kriminozu ida mai dezenvolve ita nia rain? Ita la pursiza kriminozu sira.

Xanana, Timor-Leste labele fasilita kriminozu ida atu mai kontinua ho ninia atividade kriminal iha ita nia rain!!!

Ita ezizi governu AMP atu labele halo Timor-Leste sai fatin ba kriminozu sira halo sira nia negosiu foer!!!

Timor-Leste labele simu Hercules do Rosario Marçal!!!

Alkatiri Kritika Negosiasaun Mina-rai


(versaun orijinál iha inglés, iha kraik)

Upstream (Noruega) - 26 Setembru 2008

Partidu opozisaun boot-liu iha Timor-Leste akuza governu AMP (de facto) ho "inkapasidade totál" atu hamaus joint venture partners ba Sunrise ne'ebé Woodside lidera, katak opsaun di'ak liu ba projetu atu habeen (prosesa) gás ne'e maka iha Timor-Leste, Russell Searanckle hakerek.

Mari Akatiri, lider partidu FRETILIN no mós eis-primeiru ministru, kestiona se governu ne'ebé José Alexandre lidera iha duni koñesimentu kona-ba "regra bázika iha prosesu legál ho téknika, ne'ebé sei loke-dalan ba diskusaun ne'e" bainhira hili opsaun dezenvolvimentu.

Alkatiri maka primeiru ministru kuandu akordu ba Tasi Timór ho Greater Sunrise ne'e halo ho Austrália.

Nia dehan, partidu FRETILIN sempre "prontu, iha vontade no iha kapasidade" atu kontribui ba negosiasaun ho joint venture ba Sunraise ho governu australianu.

"Tanba nune'e maka ami konsege hetan rezultadu ida iha negosiasaun ne'e" tenik nia. "Ami inklui sosiedade sivíl, opozisaun iha parlamentu, prezidente."

Nia kontinua katak reportajen hosi mídia foin daudauk ne'e, katak joint venture ne'e deside tiha ona atu lokaliza planta LNG ne'e ba Darwin, "prematuru".

Alkatiri Hits Out At East Timor Talk

Upstream (Norway) - September 26, 2008

East Timor's main political opposition party has accused the government of being "totally incapable" of convincing the Woodside-led Sunrise joint venture partners that an onshore liquefied natural gas project based in East Timor is the best option for the field, writes Russell Searancke.

Mari Alkatiri, the leader of the Fretilin party and former East Timor prime minister, questioned whether the Xanana Gusmao-led government knew "the ground rules for the legal and technical process, which will guide the discussions" on choosing the a development option.

Alkatiri was prime minister when the Timor Sea and the Greater Sunrise treaties were reached with Australia.

He said the Fretilin party has always been "ready, willing and able" to contribute to talks with the Sunrise joint venture and Australian government.

"That is how we were able to negotiate the outcomes we did," he said. "We included civil society, opposition in parliament, the president."

He added that recent media reports that the venture had decided on Darwin as the location for the LNG plant were "premature".

28 Sep 2008

27 Sep 2008

Smear campaign iha BLOG "U M A L U L I K"

Se imi ba le karik iha blog U M A L U L I K ninia kontiudu iha posting hot titulu "Na altura fiquei calada" mak iha kraik ne:

Antes do 11 de Fevereiro, mais precisamente no dia 17 de Novembro de 2007, ouvi um membro da FRETILIN Coimbra avisar um amigo meu de ... :"atenção aos próximos 3 meses. Daqui a 3 meses a gente fala". As palavras não são textuais mas a mensagem é. O emissor referia-se a algo que iria acontecer. Algo que a FRETILIN iria ver com agrado.

11 de Fevereiro, já sabemos, agora. Coincidência?

Iha ne mos naran autor nian laiha, disfarsadu hanesan "comentario" hosi "ema ruma". Ema ne se, ita la hatene. BLOG nain mak inventa mos ita la hatene. Iha ingles buat ne ema dehan "smear campaign", kampanya buka hafo'er ema nia naran.

Translation in English:

If you access the BLOG U M A L U L I K, the content of the posting entitled "At that time, I remained silent" is as follows:

Before 11th of February, more precisely on the 17th of November 2007, I heard a member of FRETILIN Coimbra warning a friend of mine of ... :"pay attention to the next 3 month. In 3 months time we will talk". The words were not textual but the message is. The announcer referred to what was about to happen. Something that FRETILIN will be happy to watch.

11 of February, we know now. Coincidence?

There is no author in what is disguised as a "comment" from "annonimous". Who? We don't know. If the blogger invented it, that too we don't know. In English we call this "smear campaign", a campaign to tarnish someone's reputation.

25 Sep 2008

Gui Campos, halo krimi ka la halo krimi? (Part 2)

Vitima sira iha Timor-Leste halo alegasaun hasoru Gui Campos tuir reportagem hosi Channel 7 Today Tonight, Australia.


Antis reportagem ne sai, ABC Lateline hato uluk reportagem ida kona ba Gui Campos ne'ebe TATOLI fo tuir iha blog. Agora Gui Campos iha hela Australia, mai hare Amu Papa ho visita familia sira. Maibe vitima balu iha Australia agora levanta problema hasoru Gui Campos kona ba krimi ida hasoru vitima ida iha Dili iha 1979. Se governu Australia prosesa duni Gui Campos iha Australia, ida ne sei sai historia ba Timor-Leste no mos bele loke dalan ba prosesu hasoru kriminoju de guerra sira seluk.

Korrupsaun iha AMP? Laiha!


24 Sep 2008

Vitima invazaun/okupasaun Indonesia nian hetan iha tasi ibun, Aeroporto Nicolau Lobato


Foin daudauk ema hetan mate ruin iha tasi ibun aeroportu Nicolau Lobato nian. Kuandu autoridadi sira ke fatin ne sira hetan mate ruin hosi ema nain 5 mak hakoi hamutuk iha ne. Mate ruin balu iha kilat musan kuak iha nia ulun, seluk iha tali kesi sira nia liman ka ain metin. Bapa sira nebe oho sira, futu metin uluk tiha sira mak oho. Sira ne vitima hosi invazaun Indonesia nian nebe viola lei internasional hotu-hotu liu-liu viola direitu emar nian, hanesan ho vitima 200,000 resin seluk.

Ita hotu hatene katak to agora laiha ita nia lider ida mak hakarak koalia netik kona ba justisa ba vitima 200,000 resin ne. Iha German (Alemanha), Iha Rwanda, iha Kosovo, iha Australia, iha Amerika, iha fatin hotu-hotu, vitima sira buka tuir justisa ba sira nia familia nebe sai ba vitima ba krimi kontra direitu emar nian. Sira nia governu rasik ajuda sira buka justisa ne. To agora mos ema sei kaer nafatin kriminoju NAZI sira biar sira katuas ka ferik ona ho idade besik 100 ona. Tansa Timor oan nian nebe foin akontese iha tinan 30 kotuk ne labele hetan justisa?

Prezidente Ramos-Horta dehan katak maski ita tenki honra vitima sira ne, ita tenki husik ita nia pasadu para halo rekonsiliasaun ho Indonesia. Tuir Horta rekonsiliasaun ho Indonesia importante liu duke justisa ba vitima sira ne.

Maibe Presidente Horta labele bosok ita uainhira nia temi rekonsiliasaun. Buat nebe Presidente Horta buka laos rekonsiliasaun, maibe solusaun politika ida para bele husik kriminoju sira halai hosi responsabilidade. Kriminoju sira ne bele halo fali krimi iha fatin seluk hanesan agora halo daudaun ih Aceh ho Papua. Maibe vitima sira sei la hare tan sira nia aman, inan, oan, ho familia ka maluk sira seluk. Vitima sira nia vida mak sai at ba nafatin ho trauma nebe sira sofre iha tinan 24 nia laran.

Maibe vitima sira laos buka deit rekonsiliasaun maibe sira buka justisa. Mundu tomak hakarak justisa. Justisa laos dehan atu lori deit kriminoju ida ba tribunal. Maibe justisa mos presija atu vitima sira hatene lolos saida mak akontese ba sira nia maluk, sira nia mate hanusa, mate tambasa, hakoi iha nebe, se mak responsabilija. Vitima sira hakarak hari netik monumentu ida ba sira nia alin, maun, bin, inan, aman, avo sira, maluk diak sira, hodi reja netik orasaun ruma. Vitima sira nebe mate ona mos hakarak sira nia klamar hakmatek bainhira sira nia maluk rasik halibur fali sira nia ruin hodi tau netik ai-funan ruma, reja netik orasaun ruma.

Hanesan vitima, ita tenki hare ba justisa laos deit atu halo vitima sira nia laran k'maan, maibe atu aviza mos ba kriminoju sira seluk katak kuandu sira halo krimi, sira sei selu.

Ita kompriende ita nia lider sira nia preokupasaun katak Indonesia nasaun ida importante tebes ba ita. Ita lakohi halo Indonesia sira hirus ita tamba buat nebe akontese iha tempu uluk. Maski Presidente Horta nia familia rasik mos sai vitima iha funu ne, nia prontu atu halo rekonsiliasaun ho kriminoju sira iha Indonesia. Nia prefere hare kriminoju ida halai hosi justisa no komete fali krimi iha fatin seluk, duke hare ba vitima sira, sira nebe mate ona no sira nebe atu sai vitima foun ba kriminoju ne.

Maibe iha relasaun diak ho Indonesia mos tenki iha bazea ida iha dame nia laran, dame iha klamar no neon. Ita labele diak deit ho ema ida maski ita hatene katak ema ne mak oho ita nia aman, inan, ho maluk sira; ema ne estraga ita nia alin ho inan-feton sira seluk. Ida ne sei halo ita nia laran la hakmatek. Bainhira ita moris ho laran la hakmatek, ita nia vida sei la kompletu. Bainhira ita la hetan justisa ba ita nia maluk sira, ita nia vida sei la kompletu. Ita nia nasaun mos sei la kompletu.

Ema judeu ida nebe konsege moris hosi krimi nebe NAZI sira halo hasoru povu judeu iha German durante segunda gera mundial pasa ninia vida tomak buka justisa ba ema vitima sira. Loron ida jornalista ida husu ba nia, tansa mak o lakon o nia vida tomak halao servisu ne? Nia hatan nune: Loron ida kuandu hau mate, hau sei ba hasoru hau nia maluk sira, liuliu vitima NAZI nian iha lalehan, sira sei husu ba hau, "o nia vida iha mundu ne'e, hafoin funu segunda gerra mundial, o halo deit saida?" Maluk balu sei hatan katak nia sai arkitektu, ka sai doutor, sai sientista, sai ema riku liu iha mundu. Maibe hau sei hatan nune: "Ha'u la haluhan imi". Ida ne mak halo hau nia laran hakmatek, hau nia vida kompletu, ema judeu ne hatan.

Agora, saida mak ita sei hatan ba ita nia maluk vitima sira nebe mate iha invazaun ho okupasaun Indonesia nian? Hau tauk karik ita sei hatan ba sira, "hau sai belun bot ho ema nebe oho imi."

Hau hakfodak bainhira ita nia lider sira laos deit hakarak husik kriminoju sira ne halai hosi justisa maibe hasae fali kriminoju sira ne hanesan ho anju. Hau hakfodak bainhira Sr. Xanana Gusmao hakuak malu ho general Wiranto. Hau hakfodak uaihira PM Xanana ho Presidente Horta elogia fali ditador Suharto bainhira nia mate. Hau hakfodak bainhira Xanana dehan katak nia ho Prabowo Subianto ne belun diak. Hau hakfodak liu tan bainhira Sr. Xanana ho Sr. Horta husu ba ita atu haluhan tiha ita nia sofrimentu, ita maluk sira nebe mate, atu labele halo kriminoju sira ne hirus.

Uluk ita sai ona prisioneiru (hostage) ba kriminoju sira ne, agora ita labele sai tan prisioneiru ba sira. Ita hakarak justisa laos deit atu fo honra ba ita nia maluk sira nebe sofre ho mate tamba kriminoju sira ne. Ita hakarak mos justisa atu kriminoju sira ne labele halo fali krimi ne hasoru ema seluk. Ita hakarak justisa atu krimi sira hanesan labele mosu tan, ba ita ka ba ema seluk iha mundu ne.

Hau nia laran nakdedar ituan bainhira hau rona katak Dr. Longuinhos Monteiro mak agora kaer kazu ne. Longuinhos mesak mak iha poder atu desidi se investigasaun bele halo liu tan ba fatin ne hodi hare se iha tan karik mate ruin seluk. Hau husu ba governu atu trata kazu ne ho seriedade, ho sinseridade. Se bele, refere kazu ne tribunal internasional. Mate ruin iha Timor-Leste laos mak sira nain 5 nebe foin daudauk ita hetan. Sei iha tan 200,000 resin iha Timor-Leste tomak. Dr. Longuinhos Monteiro laiha kapasidade, intelektual nein material, atu hare ba kazu sira ne. Se lae husik vitima sira ba buka rasik sira nia mate maluk ho ajuda hosi povu hosi rai seluk. Iha ema barak iha mundu ne mak sinti simpatia barak ho povu Timor no sira prontu atu ajuda ita hetan netik justisa ruma atu halo ita nebe moris bele moris ho hakmatek, sira nebe mate ona sira nia klamar mos bele hakmatek ona. Buat nebe akontese ba Timor-Leste labele akontese tan, nein iha Timor nein iha mundu ne.

AMP sa'e, Korrupsaun mós sa'e, haktuir Transparency International

Tuir Transparency International, Timor-Leste nia taxa korrupsaun sai piór dezde
golpe hasoru Governu FRETILIN iha 2006. Entre 2007 ho 2008, governu
Xanana/AMP konsege halo Timor-Leste monu 22 lugáres iha kombate kontra


Lisboa, 23 Set (Lusa)- Maioria hosi paíz luzofonia sira (nasaun ne’ebé adopta portugés nu’udár língua ofisiál), menus Cabo Verde, sai piór liu tan iha klasifikasaun kona-ba korrupsaun, Transparency International fó-sai ohin. Transparency International halo análize ba nivel iha fenómena ida ne’e iha nasaun 180.

Lista ne’ebé publika tinan-tinan, halo estimativa ba magnitude korrupsaun iha setór públiku tuir persepsaun hosi negósiu ho analista sira iha nasaun sira ne’e ida-ida. Klasifikasaun hosi nasaun sira ne’e hahú hosi nasaun ne’ebé iha korrupsaun menus liu (dalas 1) to’o nasaun ne’ebé iha korrupsaun aas liu (dalas 180) no korresponde ba eskala ho pontu 10 (livre hosi korrupsaun) to’o zero (korruptu tebetebes).

Tuir Transparency International, Timor-Leste agora tama iha grupu nasaun ne’ebé situasaun ne’e sai piór “tebe-tebes” (signifikadamente) entre 2007 ho 2008, hafoin rejista mundasa aat liu iha eskala hodi tun hosi fatin 22 ba kraik.

Nasaun ne’ebé iha tinan kotuk okupa dalas 123 ho pontu 2,5, tinan ne’e monu ba dalas 145 ho pontu 2,2, hanesan ho Kazakhstan, maibé di’ak liu uitoan kompara ho nasaun sira hanesan Bangladesh, Kenya ho Rúsia.

Portugal okupa dalas 32 iha tinan ne’e ho pontu 6,1, tun pontu 0,4 kompara ho índise ba tinan 2007 nian.

Hosi nasaun luzofonia sira seluk, Cabo Verde sa’e dalas rua ba leten ho índise muda hosi dalas 49 ba 47 hamutuk ho Costa Rica, Úngria, Jordánia ho Malázia.

Brazil mai tuir Cabo Verde nu’udár nasaun luzofonia ne’ebé hetan klasifikasaun di’ak liu, maske ninia pozisaun iha dalas 80 iha 2008 defaktu monu hosi dalas 8 ba kraik kompara ho tinan kotuk.

Burkina Faso, Morroco, Saudi Arabia ho Tailándia iha pozisaun hanesan ho Brazil.

São Tomé e Príncipe ladún monu maka’as hosi pozisaun 118 iha tinan kotuk ba 123 iha 2008 maibé nia mantén pontu hanesan (2,7) no iha fatin hanesan ho nasaun sira seluk hanesan Nepal, Togo, Nigeria ho Vietnam.

Mosambike monu hosi dalas 15 iha lista ne’e no lakon pontu 0,2 hodi okupa pozisaun 126, enkuantu Angola ho Guiné-Bissau lakon dalas 11 ba okos, ne’ebé korresponde ho redusaun pontu hosi 2,2 ba 1,9.

Angola ho Guiné-Bissau agora okupa dalas 158 hamutuk ho Azerbaijan, Burundi, Gambia, Congo, Sierra Leonne ho Venezuela.

Macau, Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál China nian, tun hosi 34 iha tinan kotuk ba 43 iha tinan ne’e no korresponde ba redusaun pontu hosi 5,7 ba 5,4. Iha tinan rua tuir-tuir malu Macau rejista iha “agravamentu iha nivel ne’ebé haree hanesan korrupsaun” (increase in level of perceived corruption; agravamento dos níveis percebidos de corrupção).

Análize hosi nasaun 180 ne’e hatudu katak Dinamarka, Noza Zelándia ho Suésia maka mai iha primeiru lugár ho pontuasaun 9,3, tuir fali Singapura ho 9,2.

Iha dalas ikus liu maka Somália ho pontu 1, tuir fali Irák ho Myanmar ho pontuasaun 1,3 ho Haití ho 1,4.

Durante aprezentasaun ba índise ne’e iha Berlín, Huguette Labelle, prezidente Transparency International nian, revela katak iha aumentu iha nivel korrupsaun iha nasaun ki’ak sira no eskándalu ne’ebé mosu bebeik iha korporasaun boot sira iha nasaun riku sira.

”Kontinuasaun iha aumentu iha nivel korrupsaun ho pobreza, ne’ebé ameasa sosiedade barak iha mundu ne’e, lori hela ita ba dezastre umanitária no ita labele tolera ida ne’e. Até iha nasaun sira ne’ebé privilejiadu tebe-tebes, ne’ebé sansaun la aplika ho proporsaun, luta hasoru korrupsaun ne’e mós tenke haka’as tan,” nia defende.

23 Sep 2008

Mari Alkatiri: Governu la konsege...


Governu defaktu AMP nian ne'ebé lidera hosi Xanana Gusmão hatudu ona katak sira la iha liu kapasidade atu ható argumentu legal, tékniku no ekonómiku ne'ebé bele konvense parseirus esplorasaun Greater Sunrise nian atu dada kanu no hari estasaun prosesamentu gaz nian iha Timor-Leste nia rai laran, maske opsaun ida ne'e mak diak liu ba dezenvolve kampu ne'e, Eis-Primeiru-Ministru Mari Alkatiri dehan ohin.

Dr Alkatiri mak halao negosiasaun ba Tratadu Tasi Timor nian no Tratadu kona ba akordu balu ne'ebé halo ba Tasi Timor nian (CMATS). Nia koalia kona ba Greater Sunrise iha Dili hafoin hetan malu ho deputadus FRETILIN nian hodi diskuti akontesimentus ikus liu kona ba kampu ne'e tamba rona foin dadauk ne'e hosi media katak parseirus sira seluk hakarak halo prosesamentu gaz hosi Greater Sunrise iha Darwin.

"Hau hanoin katak media halo espekulasaun notísia barak liu no kolian la los kona ba kompañia sira foti desizaun fatin prosesamentu gáz hosi Greater Sunrise ba Australia. Foin lalais ne'e hau hetan malu iha Dili ho ezekutivu Woodside nian, ema ne'ebé kaer projetu ne'e. Sira hatete mai hau no hau fiar katak sira seidauk hola desizaun kona ba investimentu ida ne'e. Notisia hosi media halo ema hanoin sala no ida ne'e ladiak. Hau hanoin katak media sira halo deit estrondu bo'ot, " Alkatiri hatete.

"Maibé sira nia laran la metin hela tamba bele iha mo'os estrondu seluk mosu sai iha Timor-Leste. Balu bele litik Governu Timor-Leste, sé hatene duni ka lae, oinsá atu diskute kona ba aspetu legal no tékniku atu haré opsaun ida ne'ebé mak diak liu ba dezenvolve Greater Sunrise. Hau preokupa bainhira rona deklarasaun hosi ema balu, hanesan Primeiru-Ministru defaktu no ninia Sekretáriu de Estadu Rekursus Naturais nian katak governu rua mak tenke diskuti kona ba fatin prosesamentu gáz nian. Ne'e kolian sala ona," Dr. Alkatiru haforsa.

Hafoin Sr Gusmão halao visita ba Austrália no diskute asuntu ne'e ho Sr. Rudd, Primeiru-Ministru Austrália nian, media tatoli katak Sr Gusmão hatete: " Ida ne'e assuntu ida ba governu rua atu halo negosiasaun ", governu Timor-Leste no Austrália nian.

"Ida ne'e sala tamba Tratadu ne'ebé ita asina iha dokumentus ne'ebé defini kritérius, iha prosesu no mekanismu ba ita halo desizaun hamutuk. Partes ne'ebé atu dezenvolve Greater Sunrise tenki aprezenta proposta ida ba Komisaun Tratadu Greater Sunrise nian no komisaun ne'e mak sei haré sé planu dezenvolvimentu tuir ka la tuir Tratadu ninia kritérius legais, téknikus no ekonómikus. Ida ne'e la'os asuntu ba Governu rua atu halo negosiasaun hanesan Governu de faktu hatete", Dr. Alkatiri hatutan.

" Iha mo'os suspeita kona ba akordu sekretu ne'ebé governu halo ho kompañia internasional minarai nian, kompañia ne'ebé la iha kbi'it legal ba halo parte explorasaun kampu Greater Sunrise nian. Tuir explikasaun ne'ebé Sekretáriu Estadu ható foin lalais ne'e ba Parlamentu Nasional, akordu sekretu ne'e sei fó direitus ba kompañia sira ne'e atu halo kampanha atu fa'an gáz hosi kampu ne'e, maibe direitus ne'e sira la iha. Kontratores sira liu husi Woodside mak iha. Hau hanoin sira kahur arbiru deit ona no ida nee sei haklot dalan ba Timor-Leste atu hetan oportunidade ba dada kadoras gáz nian no hari fatin prosesamentu gás nian iha ita nia rai laran.

"Ita hotu iha objetivu ida deit no ami fó apoiu ba governu ida ne'ebé deit, ne'ebé tenta hetan objetivu ne'e. Maibé ami iha obrigasaun atu koalia hasoru bainhira ami haré katak sira nia hahalok bele haklot dalan ba ita hetan objetivu ida ne'e", Dr Alkatiri hatete.

Dr. Alkatiri oferese dala ida ta'an katak FRETILIN prontu hanesan bai'bain kedas, hakarak no iha kapasidade ba kontribui ho esperiénsia barak ne'ebé iha atu halo negosiasaun diak kona ba asuntu rekursus nian, maibé, kontribuisaun ne'e tenke liu hosi organismu inkluzivu konsultoria nian ne'ebé sei hari ba asuntu espesífiku ida ne'e deit.

" Hanesan ne'e mak ami konsegue hetan buat ne'ebé ami nia governu hetan horiuluk maske dalan klot tebes. Ami inklui ema hotu, sosiedade sivil, opozisaun iha Parlamentu, Prezidenti, ema hotu-hotu", nia remata ho ida ne'e.

Government unable to champion onshore LNG plant from Greater Sunrise – Mari Alkatiri

Media Release

September 23, 2008

The de facto AMP government lead by Xanana Gusmão is showing itself to be totally incapable to provide the legal, technical and economic arguments that can convince the Greater Sunrise joint venture partners that a pipeline to Timor-Leste and an onshore LNG processing plant is the best and most viable option for the field's development, said the former Timorese Prime Minister Dr Alkatiri today.

Dr Alkatiri negotiated both the Timor Sea treaty and the Certain Maritime Arrangements in the Timor Sea (CMATS) Treaty. He was speaking from Dili today after having met with his parliamentary colleagues to discuss recent developments and media reports that the Greater Sunrise joint venture had decided on Darwin as the location for the LNG plant to process the gas from Greater Sunrise.

"I think that the media reports of a site location decision by the Sunrise joint venture are premature. From recent discussions with Woodside's top executives in charge of the project during a recent visit to Dili, I don't believe the investment decision has been made yet. So the media reports are misleading and mischievous. As far as I can gauge, it is just a lot of noise," Dr Alkatiri said.

"But they are uncomfortable about other noise coming from the Timor-Leste side that may lead them to question whether or not this Timor-Leste government knows the ground rules for the legal and technical process which will guide the discussions on which will be the best and most viable option for developing the Greater Sunrise field. I am worried by statements from people like the de facto Prime Minister and his Secretary of State for Natural Resources that it is a matter for the two governments to discuss. This is just wrong," stressed Dr Alkatiri.

In recent media reports following Mr Gusmão's visit to Australia, where this issue was discussed between Mr Gusmão and Australian Prime Minister Rudd, Mr Gusmão is quoted as having said: "This is an issue for negotiation between the two governments", meaning the governments of Timor-Leste and Australia.

"This is wrong because the Treaty documents set out the criteria, the process and the mechanism for joint decision making. The developers of Greater Sunrise will present a proposal to the Sunrise Treaty Commission which will decide whether or not the development plan meets the technical and economic criteria set out by the treaty. Its not for the two government's to negotiated as this de facto government thinks," added Dr Alkatiri.

"Then you add the suspicion arising from the government's signing of hitherto secret agreements with international oil companies who have no legal stake in the Greater Sunrise field. According to the explanation given by the Secretary of State during recent parliamentary hearings, this secret agreement purports to give them rights to market the gas from the field which they do not have, but in fact rests with the downstream contractors. I think we have a very volatile mix that will place in jeopardy Timor-Leste's chances of getting a pipeline and LNG plant on our shores. This is a goal we all share and we support any government that tries to achieve that. But we have an obligation to speak out when we see actions that could jeopardize our chances," Dr Alkatiri stressed.

Dr Alkatiri repeated his offer that FRETILIN have always been ready, willing and able to contribute with their extensive experience in negotiating these resource-related matters, through an appropriate inclusive and consultative body established for this specific purpose.

"That is how we were able to negotiate the outcomes we did during our government against the odds. We included everyone, civil society, opposition in parliament, the president, everyone," he said in closing.

Fahe kilat ho fahe proyek...

Fahe kilat ka fahe proyek, hanesan deit ba Xanana Gusmão.

Se mak bele ajuda Xanana hetan poder ho osan, nia sai belun diak ba Xanana Gusmão.

Boatamak ne fahe kilat ba milisia sira...
From Xanana ho Wiranto

22 Sep 2008

Divide et impera a la RDTL

Komentarista ida husu nune:
Politika "devide et impera" ne menarik tebes. Hau iha perguntas deit:
  • Se maka uluk iha FRETILIN mudansa nia kotuk hodi halo politika "devide et impera" nee?
  • Se maka iha grupo ASDT nia kotuk atu tebe sai Avo Xavi?
  • Se maka iha grupo KOTA nia kotuk atu tebe sai Manuel Tilman?
  • Se maka bolu Avelino Coelho sai ministro bainhira LDP atu comesa sai pressure group boot ida ba AMP?
  • Se maka iha grupo PSD balun nia kotuk hodi halo plano congresso extraordinariu ida bainhira katuas Mario Carracscalao komesa lian makas kontra kebijakan Xanana nian balun iha parlamento?

Sé mak komandate?

Hosi liman-karuk ba loos: Kirsty Sword-Gusmão, Rai Lós, Xanana, Augusto "Tara",
Filipus Pereira (MUNJ/PD), ho seluk tan... Bele identifika fodik?
From Dili
Nota handycam iha Sra. Kirsty-Sword nia liman. Loron ne'e nia hasai filmi saida los?

21 Sep 2008

Governo AMP, governasaun hosi klase elit ba Povu Maubere

Maluk sira,

Foin daudauk polisia duni hotu vendedor sira husi Palacio Governo nia oin iha tasi ibun. Ita hotu sai beik tanba sa mak governu AMP haruka polisia duni sai hotu sira. Laiha lei ida mak bandu vendedor sira atu fan sasan iha tasi ibun ne. Tuir razaun nebe polisia fo katak membru governu sira lorloron la konsege asesu ba servisu fatin hosi estrada bot iha palacio nia oin tamba 3 roda sira barak liu. Hau sinti tamba PRADO 65 sira ho kareta luxu seluk nebe pak mentri ho ibu mentri sira kaer ne mak pursija tan dalan luan karik? Tan ne vendedor tiga roda sira tenki sai hotu hosi estrada bot ba bapak ho ibu pejabat sira? Ka tamba vendedor sira ne laiha dignidade ho importancia hanesan ho bapak ho ibu pejabat sira? "Libertamos o povo" mak ida ne ka? Governu AMP agora sai fali governu malae bot nian ba povu Maubere sira. Ida ne mak hau bolu governu klas elit nebe la representativu ona.

Pasukan Tiga Roda, manan $ ituan maibe hean buat ne
to te sai didiak. Agora governu AMP hakarak hamate
hotu sira nia bisnis. Sira pudia sai membru parlamentu
deit, pelmenus simu netik Toyota Landcruiser Prado ida.
From Dili

Ita hare deit. Agora secretario sira ho ministru sira lao iha kareta luxu tun sae ho CSP (segurity) nebe kaer mesak kilat bot-bot deit. Kareta pejabat nian iha klaran, seguransa ho kilat iha oin ho kotuk. Ministru sira tauk fali povu nebe "hili" sira atu ukun. Ida ne la to, agora sira hakarak mos povu sira sai hosi sira nia oin - hanesan halo daudauk iha Palacio nia oin. Pejabat sira nauk osan bara-barak hosi Estadu, povu kik haknauk netik osan uituan hosi dalan ibun mos labele? AMP fo kontratu juta ba juta ba ninia maluk sira maibe bandu povu kik sira manan netik $10 loron ida? Ida ne laos justisa!

Se imi la hatene karik, loroin ida imi tenta tama tok iha jardim iha Palacio nia oin. Seguransa sivil ho polisia la hatan! Jardim ne tomak iha Palacio nia oin ne halo para ingles ver deit maibe povu sira labele ba enjoy ka goja iha laran. Pejabat-pejabat negara sira la gosta hare povu ai tanan iha neba. Ida ne mak atitude hosi governu klas elit nian, nebe haluha tiha ona katak sira hetan kadeira ne tamba povu mak tau sira iha neba. Sira gosta mak simu sira nia maluk sira hosi Indonesia (Hercules ho Tommy Winata) ho rai sira seluk maibe sira nia povu rasik sira hakribi!

Tasi ibun iha Palacio do Governo nia oin.
Maten tanba governu AMP duni sai hotu 3 Roda sira.
Kuitadu... Bot sira manan dolar maibe kik sira kiak to dolar.
From Dili

Jardim Palacio do Governo.
Maten tanba governu AMP bandu povu sira ba goja iha jardim ne.
Pejabat-pejabat AMP sira hakarak goja tasi ibun ho
jardim furak maibe la gosta hare povu ai-levo ho
povu ain-tanan iha sira nia oin.
From Dili

Libertada a patria, libertamos o povo? Povu ida nebe? Keta povu sira nebe agora goza ho posisaun iha governu ne karik?

Ita tenki ejize ba governu AMP katak sira tenki husik vendedor sira fila fali ba sira nia fatin. Pejabat sira manan osan hosi Estadu, vendedor sira mos iha direitu atu manan osan nebe sira manan ho honestidade. Ita ejize para membru governu sira uja MENUS kareta para halo trafiku lao diak liu tan tuir pejabat sira nia hakarak. Ita ejize atu governu kria kondisaun diak para vendedor sira bele halao sira nia moris tuir lei nebe iha. Ita ejizi ba governu katak jardim iha palacio nia ne tenki loke ba ema hotu-hotu atu goja laos halo para emfeita deit, para pejabat sira ho sira nia crony sira deit mak goja. Se governu hakarak duni halakon vendedor kik sira ne, ita ejize para governu fo alternativu nebe diak atu sira bele buka sira nia moris ho meius seluk. Ita ejize governu ida nebe representativu ba povu kik, povu MAUBERE, laos governu nebe foti an hanesan klas elit sira a custa povu nian.

Viva Vendedor kik sira!
Viva Povo Maubere!

East Timor police panned for crackdown on poor vendors

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 05:17:13 GMT


Dili - National police in East Timor, one of the poorest countries in Asia, are being criticized for a crackdown on snack vendors working a lucrative part of the capital, Dili. No laws ban the sales across from the Palacio do Governo, or Government Palace, and the police are targeting poor people just trying to make ends meet, politicians and vendors complained.

Until two days ago, dozens of small carts loaded with drinks and snacks were stationed across from the government offices in a picnic area under shade trees that sits on the sea. On evenings and weekends, the picnic tables in one of the most popular public areas in Dili are usually jammed with couples and families, and business for vendors boomed there.

But on Saturday, only one cart dared show up for fear of the police.

"They chased me away a few days ago, but I have come back," said Tios Sila. As the sole vendor, Sila was doing a brisk business in soft drinks, biscuits and cigarettes.

In East Timor, unemployment hangs around 60 per cent, and most people make less than 1 dollar per day. Sila said he could make 5 to 10 dollars from the crowds in front of the Palacio do Governo. He said he couldn't make that much anywhere else in the city.

Jose Texeira, a member of East Timor's Parliament, said he was unaware of any law prohibiting the carts.

"I don't care if there's a law or not," he said. "The fact is they have just started doing this without telling anyone. It's nonsense, cracking down on people who just want to make a living."

Acting commander of the national police, Alfonso de Jesus, said no law had been passed but, nonetheless, he ordered his officers to shoo away the vendors last week after government workers complained to him about traffic congestion in front of their offices.

Police patrolling the area said they have not yet arrested anyone but if they saw any snack carts, they would ask them to move elsewhere.

"This isn't government property," Sila said. "Lots of people come here. If you want to sell anything, you have got to find a place that's popular."

19 Sep 2008

Moras "mudansa" ...

Ida ne explikasaun kik ida ba dilema Manuel Tilman ho partidu KOTA ho ninia "aliansa" ho FRETILIN...

Falta deit grupu kikoan sira ne atu bolu sira nia naran KOTA mudansa ho ASDT mudansa hodi a par ho FRETILIN mudansa...
Buat nebe akontese ba partidu KOTA agora laos buat foun. Iha Timor iha moras ida naran "mudansa" ka mau dansa. Grupu nia naran halo ema hanoin katak grupu ne hakarak halo buat diak ba sira nia partidu, hakarak halo mudansa ba diak. Grupu nia naran ho retorika serve atu subar intensaun nebe atu serve deit interese particular short term nian kontra interese kolectiva no long term organizasaun nian. FRETILIN, PDC ho ASDT mos liu ona experiensia ida ne. Foin daudauk akontese ho partidu ASDT.

Kuand Avo Xavier alinya tiha ho FRETILIN, faksaun ida hosi ASDT dehan hakarak espulsa tiha Avo Xavi. Zito Turquel, Jose Carascalao, Gil Alves ho Abilio Lima sira ate halo fali "congress extraordinario" atu hili fali secretario geral foun. Hau la hatene los sira nia apoiu iha baze forte ka lae, liuliu Gil Alves ho Abilio Lima. Jose Manuel Carrascalao dehan nia mak lori ema Manatuto sira vota ASDT. Los ka lae ita la hatene. Maski nune, Xanana, FRETILIN mudansa ho Lasama sira atende hotu "congresso" ne para fo sira nia suporta. Kongresu ne hili fali secretario geral interinu ida.

Membru parlamentu ASDT nian rompe mos ho partidu ASDT. Deputadu ASDT nian ida ate dehan nia atu bolu joven sira futu tiha Avo Xavier. Tan ne mak teknicamente aliansa AMP sei metin tamba maski partidu ASDT dehan sai hosi AMP, iha PN deputadu AMP sei fo nafatin suporta. Politicamente AMP lakon bot ho Avo Xavi/ASDT nia desizaun. Maibe ne la efek.

Manuel Tilman mos hanesan. Nia "suporta" FRETILIN, agora ninia partidu congressu para hasai nia hodi hili fali lider "interinu" sira. Parese iha livru ruma ka template nebe hanorin faksaun sira ne oinsa mak halo golpe iha partidu laran hodi hasai imi nia lider.

Oviamente membru KOTA sira ne balu apoia AMP/Xanana. Sira ne mak agora halo "congresso" hodi buka hasai Manuel Tilman. Maibe ida ne sei la iha efeitu ida ba ninia pozisan hanesan deputadu iha PN, se ita hare tuir ezemplu ASDT nian ou Leandro Isaac nian hori uluk.

Depois, Manuel Tilman mos deputadu ida independente tebtebes no nia la suporta deit FRETILIN matan mean. Ninia votasaun iha PN varia entre suporta AMP ho FRETILIN.

Kazu nebe akontese ho partidu KOTA mos kuaje hanesan ho PDC. Membru balu iha PDC hasai tiha Antonio Ximenes tamba nia besik liu ba FRETILIN.

Iha ne ita bele hare karakteristica "moras" ida iha membru partidu sira ne nia laran, nebe primeiru sai evidente iha Congresso FRETILIN iha 2006. Moras ida ne mak moras "mudansa", kopia tuir Indonesia nia "reformasi", maski iha Indonesia tujuan reformasi ne atu hatun ditador ida, iha Timor halo atu hetan tujuan politik ba interese grupu kik ida nian. Grupo minoria sira hakarak impoin ba desizaun maioria. Falta deit grupu kikoan sira ne atu bolu sira nia naran KOTA mudansa ho ASDT mudansa hodi a par ho FRETILIN mudansa...

Laiha duvida katak ema balu ba influensia grupo minoria ne hosi kotuk atu rompe ho sira nia lider partidu nian, liu-liu kuandu lider sira ne alia ho FRETILIN, hodi muda partidu nia diresaun ses hosi buat nebe membru sira desidi colectivamente. Ida ne taktik "divide et impera".

Iha kazu ASDT nian ita bele hare Xanana nia liman iha laran. Kuandu Avo Xavi desidi hasai Gil Alves ho Abilio Lima (ministru iha governu AMP) hosi estrutura ASDT nian, no nia husu atu troka tiha sira iha AMP, Xanana lakohi. To ikus Xanana fo fali suporta ba faksaun Gil Alves ho Abilio Lima nian hodi ba halo diskursu iha sira nia "congresso". Fernando Lasama ho FRETILIN mudansa sira mos nakonu iha congresso Gil Alves ho Abilio Lima nian. Sira ne ate barak liu fali congressista sira.

Laiha duvida buat nebe akontese ba partidu KOTA agora hanesan lolos ho buat nebe uluk akontese ba FRETILIN, PDC ho ASDT. Maibe ita bele hare katak problema iha partidu KOTA ne problema kik no sei la afeta partidu sira nebe halo opozisaun ba AMP. Hanesan hau dehan tiha iha leten, Manuel Tilman sempre halo ninia decisaun independentemente, hanesan mos Fernanda Borges ho PUN. Se sira nia pozisaun ho FRETILIN nian hanesan, nebe kria persepsaun dehan sira "aliadu" FRETILIN nian, ne tanba politika AMP nian mak halo.

Kona ba faksaun iha KOTA laran nebe hakarak hasai Manuel Tilman, ida ne sei la afeta nafatin politika em geral. Se ASDT nia ema nain 6 iha PN la halo diferensa ida ba AMP/Xanana, problema saida mak Manuel Tilman ho kadeira ida bele halo, ba FRETILIN ou ba AMP?

Mak ita haree......

18 Sep 2008

Fahe fos ba povu ka fahe kontratu ba maluk sira?

Frans Haliwono (klaran)

Companhia Três Amigos nebe "manán tender" atu sosa fos folin $4 jutas depois sai $14 ne se mak kaer?

1. Germano da Silva
Ema barak dehan nia mak secretario geral partidu CNRT maibe ne lalos. Germano militante deit. Maibe Germano ne belun bot Xanana nian, Xanana nia protége. Uluk Xanana sei presidente Germano da Silva "halo lakon" osan US$27.000 hosi gabinete Presidente nian. Depois durante komisiu partidu CNRT nian, Xanana rekonyese Germano nia sala ne. Xanana dehan osan lakon ne agora nia tau fali ona. Xanana ate buka meius para protege ninia protegido, Germano da Silva. Ne prova Xanana nia ligasaun ida makas ho Germano. Ligasaun ne mak to ikus buka tau matan ba malu molok iha governu ona: Xanana fo proyek ba Germano.

Xanana nia hahalok hodi taka falta osan nebe Germano da Silva halo lakon ne mos komik. Xanana emves buka rezolve problema iha hun, maibe buka taka falta fali. Problema nia hun mak hanusa mak Germano da Silva halo lakon osan $27.000 ne, sansaun saida mak Germano hetan tanba ninia irresponsabilidade, ou pior, ninia atrevimento atu nauk osan $27.000 ne. Maibe Xanana subar tiha fakto katak Germano halakon/nauk osan ne, nia dehan depois mak nia selu. Xanana mos osan barak pa!!! Hasai $27.000 hodi halimar deit atu taka falta ninia belun nia inkapasidade, inkompetensia, crime. Se Xanana taka falta ba criminoso ida, entaun Xanana mos komete crime, ne duni criminoso.

Maibe ohin loron ita hatene katak Xanana ate recompensa tan Germano apesar de ninia incompetensia ka crime nebe nia halo iha gabinete presidencia.

Ida ne tenke halo ita hotu kestiona Xanana nia integridade: povu ka bolsu?

2. Kathleen Gonçalves
Kathleen nia katuas oan mak João Gonçalves, Ministro de Economia e Dezenvolvimento iha governu AMP nebe Xanana lidera. Nota e hau sublinya "economia e dezenvolvimento", laos kultura ka desporto ka ministeriu ruma nebe la ligadu ho kontratu importasaun/exportasaun.

3. Frans Haliwono, nain ba kompanhia BTK. Uma nebe CNRT loke sede ba, Frans Haliwono ho Germano mak oferese sai CNRT nia kantor. Liu tiha AMP kaer governu, BTK hetan proyek oioin deit. Proyek ida liu hosi single source mak hadia estrada hosi Santana ba Presidente JRH nia uma iha Metiaut. Proyek ne kusta $3 jutas. Ikus mai mak Frans Haliwono mos manan kontratu $14 jutas hamutuk ho Germano ho Kathleen (Três Amigos).

Tuir buat nebe Antonio Ramos fo sai iha ninia blog, Xanana halo enkontru dala rua ho empresario sira. Iha 29/01/2008 enkontru halo ho:
  • Julio Alfaro, People Food
  • Lay Siu Hing, Star King
  • Gerry Koul, Nabilan Food
  • Germano da Silva, Oriental Food ho Três Amigos
  • Julio Lo, Juxibel
  • Frederico da S. Sam, Timorense
  • James Jong, Timor Food

Iha enkontru ba dala rua halo iha 1/02/2008, Xanana konvida:

  • Julio Alfaro, Kathleen Gonçalves, People Food
  • Sr. Amir, Kuda Ulun
  • James Jong, Timor Food
  • Sr. Marsidi, Victoria Lda.
  • Sr. Rully, Nabilan Food
  • Frans Holiwono, Holiwono (BTK)
  • Sr. Charles, Lay Shop
  • Germano da Silva, Oriental Food and Três Amigos
  • Julio Lo, Juxibel
  • Lay Siu Hing, Star King
  • Frederico da S. Sam

Iha loron 3 nia laran Xanana halibur empresa 11 (sanulu resin ida): People Food, Star King, Nabilan Food, Oriental Food/Três Amigos, Juxibel, Timorense, Timor Food, Kuda Ulun, Victoria Lda., BTK, Lay Shop. Se ita konta BTK ho Oriental Food/Três Amigos hanesan kompanhia ida deit, entau numeru ema nebe atu konkore ba tender sai 10 deit.

Talves Antonio Ramos hatene liu kona ba atividade komersial iha Timor-Leste, maibe Timor iha empresa 10 deit ka? Xanana la konsege explika bazeia ba kriteria saida mak nia konvida deit empresa nain 10 ne. Se ita koalia kona ba empresa ho experincia, ita bele dehan katak iha Timor sei iha empresario ho empresa sira ho experiensia no mos kapasidade as liu empresario sira nebe Xanana konvida. Depois, se kontratu ne kusta $4 jutas, ida ne obriga governu atu loke kontratu ne ba mundu tomak. Se kontratu kik ida atu sosa deit motor ba uso governo nian mos halo liu hosi international bidding, sa tan ida kusta $4 jutas? Ne katak sa? Katak lakohi transparensia. So nune mak Xanana bele konvida deit ninia maluk sira atu mai halo reuniaun oan ida, depois fahe kontratu ne ba malu. Afinal kontratu ne Xanana hatene tiha ona atu fo ba se. Nia somente halo reuniaun ne para taka falta deit.

Depois, kuandu Germano mai dehan fos folin sae dala rua, hodi sisi tan $10 jutas, Xanana foti kontratu asina deit, la husu nein A nein B. Ida ne mak transparensia? Karik Timor ema hotu atu mate hamlaha ona tamba fos laiha? Ka tamba hakarak despacha lalais $14 jutas ba Xanana nia belun diak Sr. Germano da Silva?

Foin daudauk iha kontratu sosa ro funu ne, nebe atu sosa hosi China ho kusta $28 jutas, Xanana dehan Timor sei kansela tiha. Razaun tanba China hasae bebeik nia folin. Tansa mak Xanana la toma atitude ida hanesan em relasaun ho kontratu sosa-fos? Afinal fos ne nia folin laos dobru, maibe triplika, katak sae dala tolu!!! Hosi $4 jutas sae ba $14 jutas. Maibe ikus mai Xanana ba tanis fali dehan, oh.... ro funu ne emerjensia bot tamba ema atu nauk hotu ona ita nia ikan. Agora Xanana atu sosa fali ona ro funu ne nem que China hasae bebeik presu!!! Se ida ne laos incompetencia, entaun ida ne para atu fo "kick backs" ba ema ruma. Balu-balu atu manan matak hosi contratu ne.

Buat hotu-hotu uza mak situasaun emergencia para taka falta. Sosa fos mos emergencia, fo kontratu ba ninia maluk rasik. Sosa ro mos emergencia. Hadia prizaun mos emergencia hodi fo fali kontratu ba Ministra Lobato nia lain rasik. Kaer ema mos emergencia tamba Xanana nia incompetencia ka involvimentu halo ema kuaze oho Presidente Ramos-Horta. Timor agora moris iha situasaun emergencia maibe iha kotuk ema sira hanesan Germano da Silva hatama osan juta ba juta iha bolsu laran.

Antonio Ramos tenta bebeik taka Xanana nia hahalok korrupto sira ne ho komparasaun entre fahe kilat ho fahe fos. Pelo menos Antonio Ramos rekonhese katak fahe fos ne hetok sala, maibe ladun sala bot kompara ho fahe kilat. Ita basa liman ba Antonio Ramos (ho Victor da Costa). Entaun diak. Husik Xanana kontinua nafatin ho hahalok korrupto sira ne tamba halo Germano da Silva ho Xanana nia kroni sira seluk sai riku ho povu nia kusta ladun at kompara ho fahe kilat. Povu kik sai kiak ba bebeik, Xanana ho ninia kroni sira mak sai riku ba bebeik lori osan povu nian. Lakleur petrodolar mos komesa tama tan...

Afinal ida ne mak Antonio Ramos hakarak.

Naok 5 sen sai? Se o Xanana nia kroni, lae.

Hatan ba Antonio Ramos...

Antonio Ramos baku hela nafatin tekla hanesan (bater na mesma tecla). Proyek sosa fos nebe Germano da Silva, Kathleen Gonsalves ho Frans Haliwono manaan ne la liu hosi prosesu transparente tamba la tuir prosesu tender nebe transparente.

Se hakarak iha transparensia, proyek ne tenki advertise iha publiku para ema hotu-hotu bele konkore. Hosi konkursu ne mak ita bele hili kompanhia nebe mak laos iha deit kondisaun maibe bele fo ho presu ida kompetitivu.

Empresario sira nebe Xanana halibur ne maioria mesak ligadu ho governu AMP deit. Exemplu diak mak Germano Marçal, visi presidente CNRT, ho Kathleen Gonçalves, Ministru Joe Gonçalves nia fen. Iha Dili iha mos empresario seluk nebe bele tuir konkursu ne, tansa mak Xanana la konvida mos sira? Ida ne mak hatudu katak prosesu ne atu fo proyek ba malu duni. Exemplu, Oscar Lima mos iha experiensia iha importasaun/exportasaun, tansa Xanana la konvida nia?

Se Xanana hakarak karik transparensia no iha duni boa vontade atu hatama fos para "fo han" povu, proyek ne tuir lolos fo sai ba publiku para ema hotu-hotu bele tuir. Ida ne mak prosesu como deve ser, ka prosesu lolos. Liu liu kuandu proyek ne involve osan barak hanesan juta 4 depois sae ba juta 14 dolar. Konvida deit grupinho kikuan ida, ida ne mak ema bolu cronyism ka KKN. Halo reuniaun para fo proyek ba malu. Xanana nia prosesu sosa fos ne para fo han deit ninia croni sira iha sirkulu AMP nian. Ida ne mak karakteristika governu AMP nian nebe foin mak kaer ukun tinan 1.

Hau hanoin iha lei mos hakerek katak iha projetu nebe uza osan bot (hau la hatene hira, maibe 4 jutas ne osan bot tebtebes), proyek ne tenki fo sai ba publiku, laos deit a nivel nacional maibe a nivel internacional mos. Ida ne mak prosesu lolos atu evita KKN. Publiku sei hatene saida mak kompanhia ida-idak oferese. Se kompanhia A oferese presu kik liu ho kondisaun diak liu maibe governu hili fali kompanhia B ho presu as no kondisaun la favoravel, povu sei hatene tuir no sei kestiona governu tansa mak hili kompanhia B emves de A. Ida ne mak raciocinio iha konkursu aberto. Single source ho cronyism, ida ne raciocinio ba korrupsaun ka KKN.

Rezultado? Xanana fo duni proyek ne ba ninia crony - Germano da Silva, Kathlen Goncalves ho Frans Haliwono. Depois presu fos ne mos sae tiha dala rua. Hosi $4 jutas sae ba $14 jutas. Pior liu tan, fos ne mos la hatama ho tempu nebe estipula iha kontratu. Germano da Silva hatama ona fos iha tinan kotuk no fos ne tama tardi liu, maibe Francisco Borolaco la penaliza Germano tamba sira ne kroni ida deit. Xanana ate fo tan presenti ba Germano ho kontratu $14 jutas atu sosa fos. Ida ne laos KKN entaun saida?

Xanana dehan "naok 5 sen, sai!!!!" Maibe iha realidade, se o naok juta ba juta, Xanana fo fali presenti ba o.

17 Sep 2008

Entre Dili ho Bankók, iha kontratu sosa-foos ho kusta US$103.200.000!

Iha kraik ne’e iha istória ida kona-ba kontratu ida entre Dili ho Bankók (kapitál Tailándia nian) atu sosa foos ho kusta entre US$25.800.000-US$103.200.000, ne’ebé halo nonook de’it.

Timor-Leste sofre hosi buat ne’ebé laiha liu no buat ne’ebé barak liu – iha kazu ne’e mak hanesan foos. Foos iha ne’e, foos iha ne’ebá, foos iha fatin hotu-hotu. Balu fa’an US$16.50 karón ida, seluk fa’an karun liu tan. Buat hotu-hotu kona-ba foos de’it. Halo ema hotu-hotu kabun bosu hanesan Lenin nia propaganda “pás, rai, paun”, ou iha kazu Timor-Leste nian, “pás, uma, foos”. Ema ida bolu ida ne’e dehan “foos ho sirkus”.

Ministru ida iha governu AMP nian semo bá-mai entre Timor-Leste ho Europa iha fulan Agostu klaran kuandu sirkus foos ne’e la’o daudauk.

Haree iha hakerek mean iha kraik…

Artigu ne’e publika iha BANGKOK POST
iha Tersa, 19 Agostu 2008


Apoiu ba presu foos nian
Chatrudee Theparat & Phusadee Arunmas

Governu iha planu atu komesa ho promesa foun ba foos iha fulan Novembru, ba kolleita foos prinsipál, iha ninia esforsu atu garante presu foos doméstiku nian.

Ministru Komérsriu, Chaiya Sasomsab dehan katak promesa ba presu ne’e sei la menus liu 14.000 Baht kada tonelada, ne’ebé oferese ba segunda kolleita foos nian.

Uluk Sr. Chaiya dehan katak presu foos nian bele sa’e to’o 15.000 Baht kada tonelada ba foos normál no 19.000 Baht ba foos jasmin.

Maibé exportadór sira aviza katak proposta ba presu ne’ebé aas liu ne’e sei afeta kompetitividade exportasaun nian tanba diferensa maka’as iha presu entre foos hosi Tailándia ho foos hosi rai-seluk.

Governu sosa tiha ona foos tonelada juta 1,2, ekivale ho maizoumenus tonelada 720.000 foos-moos, hosi agrikultór sira liu hosi eskema sosa-foos ida ba segunda kolleita ne’ebé komesa iha 15 Juñu. Eskema ne’e sei ramata iha 30 Setembru.

Sr. Chaiya mós dehan katak governu ladún iha serteza se sira bele hasai hotu foos tonelada juta 2,1 hosi sira nia stok antigu, no mós tonelada juta 1,2 seluk, ne’ebé sira sosa hosi sira-nia eskema ida ikus liu ne’e.

Horisehik governu halo akordu ida atu fa’an tonelada 120.000, kompostu hosi 15% foos-mutin, ba Timor-Leste. Tailándia sei hatama uluk tonelada 30.000 liu hosi akordu ida entre governu rua ne’e ho kusta US$860 kada tonelada. Restu sei hatama liu hosi exportadór privadu.

Iha semana kotuk governu mós asina karta ida ho intensaun atu fa’an foos tonelada 100.000, kompostu hosi 25% foos-mutin, tinan-tinan liu hosi exportadór privadu liu hosi akordu tinan-tolu ho nasaun Djibouti.


120.000 x $860 = $103.200.00
Ida ne’e sei sai kontratu boot liu hotu-hotu iha istória moderna Timor-Leste nian…

Sé mak asina MOU ne’e ho sé? Kópia iha ne’ebé? MOU ne’e dehan saida? Presu ne’e di’ak ka? Termu pagamentu ne’e oinsá? Termu atu hatama foos ne’e oinsá? Foos tonelada 90.000 seluk ne’ebé sei hatama liu hosi kompañia privada sei hatama hanusá?

Adapta hosi The Dili Insider. Artigu orijial iha PDF bele foti iha ne'e.

16 Sep 2008

Tansa Papito Monteiro rezigna hosi AMP?

Kuandu Papito Monteiro, Secretario de Estado da Cooperativa e Dezenvolvimento Rural, hato’o ninia rezignasaun hosi governu AMP, ema hotu-hotu hakfodak. Sé maka hakarak husik ninia kadeira? Hotu-hotu kaer metin ba ninia kadeira hanesan samea bobar metin iha ai-sanak, biar nia moras-boot atu mate.

Papito Monteiro kala tetu ninia desizaun ne’e ho laran-todan hodi ikus mai husik duni ninia kadeira. Buat ruma kala todan duni mak Papito hodi deside husik ai-sanak ne’e.

José Luis Guterres maka mai explika lori José Alexandre nia naran kona-ba tansá mak Papito monta fali rezignasaun ne’e ba nia an (STL, 2/9). Tuir José Luis, ka Lugu, Papito husik tiha ninia kadeira (rezigna) tanba kondisaun saúde ne’ebé la husik nia kontinua halo servisu ba AMP. Lugu mós nega rumór ne’ebé hatete katak Papito rezigna tanba hetan presaun polítika.
Istória Papito nia rezignasaun ne’e mós konta ladún loos se ita hakarak tuir versaun ofisiál hosi bapa-boot sira iha AMP. Fernando Gusmão rasik, nu’udár sekretáriu jerál PSD nian, laiha koñesimentu tansá mak Papito deside hakiduk hosi ninia kadeira (Timor Pos 3/9). Jose Gusmão lamenta tansá mak Papito la konsulta ho PSD kona-ba ninia rezignasaun.

Maibé, afinál José Manuel Carrascalão, deputadu ASDT nian, hatene liu fali kona-ba tansá Papito Monteiro husu rezigna an. José Manuel dehan (Timor Pos, 3/9) Papito rezigna tanba kondisaun saúde, hanesan ho Lugu nia explikasaun. Malditu! Ema ho naran “José” sempre iha istória hanesan.

Infelizmente ba Papito Monteiro, ne’ebé hetan kadeira iha governu AMP tanba hetan nomeasaun hosi partidu PSD, lia-loos (la’ós a la Rai Los) sempre mosu ba leten hanesan óleu tuur iha bee-leten. Tansá mak Papito Monteiro teki-teki husik tiha ninia kadeira hanesan Secretario de Estado?

Papito Monteiro rezigna an tanba autoridade Indonézia nian iha Bali kaptura nia iha vídeo “foti” ema-seluk nia telemovel iha aeroportu Denpasar. Papito “tertangkap basah”, tuir sira dehan iha Denpasar kuandu sira hetan fali telemovel ne’e iha Papito nia pasta. “Security camera” (kámera sekuriti nian) foka-tomak no foka-moos Papito nia hakna'ok ne’e, tan ne’e nia la konsege defende nia an atu nega buat ne’ebé nia halo.

Tuir fali, Secretario de Estado ba governu soberanu Timor-Leste independente ne’e, ne’ebé lidera hosi José Alexandre Gusmão ho ninia AMP, tenke presta no asina deklarasaun ida iha polísia kona-ba ninia hahalok ne’e. Moe boot!

Tuir ofisiál ida iha Denpasar, deklarasaun ne’e kópia ida haruka ona ba Konsul.

Agora seidauk hatene loloos se governu Indonézia atu prosesa Papito ka lae? Se prosesa duni, entaun ne’e eskándalu boot ida ba Timor-Leste, bainhira ofisiál boot Estadu nian ema prosesa fali ba hahalok krime ida hanesan “foti” ka “na’ok” ema nia sasán iha fatin públiku.

Bainhira Papito to’o iha Dili, nia laiha tan opsaun seluk se lae husu atu rezigna an lalais para labele hamoe José Alexandre, governu AMP no nasaun Timor-Leste. Maske José na’in rua ho AMP tomak hakarak taka-falta ba hahalok moe-boot ne’e, maibé lia-loos sei sa’e nafatin ba leten.

Secretário de Estado “na’ok-teen”? Só iha governu AMP, ne'ebé agora bele sarani tan ho naran Ami Mesak Pencuri.

Se mak finansia partidu CNRT?

Ohin hau le halimar blog balu kuandu hau tama iha blog "ALGUNS TEXTOS DE LEITURA OBRIGATÓRIA" , hau hare fali Jose Alexandre "Xanana" nia intervista ba magazine Visao 746 (http://antimalaiazul.blogspot.com/2007/06/no-sou-o-heri-que-pintam.html), kuandu jornalista husu se mak finansia Xanana nia partidu CNRT, Xanana hatete nune:

Visao: Se mak finansia o nia partidu?
Xanana: Amigu sira. Hau iha amigu sira ne iha mundu tomak, maibe sira lakohi hatudu an.
Visao: Ida ne laos transparente liu?
Xanana: Se hau hakarak sai transparente, laiha ema ida mak hakarak ajuda partidu ne.

Quem financia o seu partido?
Amigos. Tenho-os em todo o lado do mundo, mas eles não querem aparecer.
Não seria mais transparente?
Se eu quisesse ser transparente, ninguém ajudaria o partido.

Who finances your party?
Friends. I have them all over the world, but they do not want to be identified.
Wouldn't it be more transparent?
If I wanted to be transparent, nobody would help the party.

Maluk sira, lei partidu politika Timor nian bandu partidu sira simu donation hosi estrazeru. Lei partidu politika nian mos obriga partidu hotu-hotu atu deklara sira nia donation tomak.

Iha Xanana nia statementu ne Xanana afirma katak partidu CNRT simu osan hosi mundu tomak, katak simu mos osan hosi ESTRANJEIRU, nebe kontra lei. Ema sira fo osan ba CNRT ne se? Xanana dehan sira lakoi fo sai sira nia naran, nebe ita bele espekula deit: Hercules? Tommy Winata? Xanana mos lakohi transparensia hodi dehan katak se nia hakarak sai transparente karik, laiha ema ida mak hakarak ajuda ninia partidu. Ne katak sa? Tansa mak Xanana subar los se mak fo osan hodi finansia partidu CNRT? Ema hosi estranjeiru ne se? Ema kriminal balu hanesan Hercules ho Tommy Winata?

Xanana hakilar liafuan transparensia maibe nia rasik lakohi transparensia. Tinan 2008 dehan sai tinan ba reforma, maibe reforma ida nebe se Xanana rasik lakohi transparensia hodi viola lei partidu politika nian?

Xanana tenki explika ida ne lolos. Partidu hotu-hotu tenki deklara sira nia finances ba eleisaun ne hanesan lei partidu politika hatete atu hatete ba povu ho transparensia sira simu osan hosi se. Keta osan sira ne mai hosi partidu balu nebe oras ne manan tender ho single source bara-barak hosi AMP!!!

12 Sep 2008

Gui Campos labele halai hosi justisa

Família ida iha Austrália alega katak Gui Campos oho sira nia oan ida iha Timor. Kuandu Gui Campos oho labarik ne, nia foin mak tinan 11. Família ne agora hakarak lori Gui Campos ba tribunal. Polísia Austrália nian mos investiga hela Gui Campos.

Video ne mai hosi programa Lateline (ABC). Transcript iha Ingles mos bele acsess iha ABC nia website.

Channel 7 iha Austrália fo uluk istoria ne iha nia programa Today Tonight iha 9 Setembru 2008.

11 Sep 2008

Good Point!!!

Hosi The Dili Insider

Anti-korrupsaun - Presedénsia hosi Lu Olo

"Deklarasaun Interesse Pekuniáriu", Ida ne'e maka únika deklarasaun ne'ebé halo iha públiku iha Timor-Leste hosi Prezidente FRETILIN, Lu Olo, bainhria nia sai kandidatu ba eleisaun prezidensiál iha 2007.

Bainhira mak Maun Xanana ho Maun Ramos-Horta deklara sira nia assets? João Gonçalves? Gil Alves? Lucia Lobato? Longuinhos Monteiro? Dr. Nelson Martins? ...

Anti-Corruption - the Lu Olo Precedent

This is the only declaration of assets ever made public in Timor-Leste. Made by President of FRETILIN during the Presidential Election in 2007. It seems odd that a 2000 model Prado 4WD is only worth $5000 in 2007 but it is the thought that counts. Love FRETILIN or hate it - this was a step in the right direction.. Will any other politician or senior civil servant follow this example....? Recently sacked SAMES finance director Joanico Goncalves might be an interesting case.

Sé Mak Manán Persen???

AMP: Ami Manán Persen

7 Sep 2008

Entrevista ho Jose Teixeira, Deputadu FRETILIN (14/08/2008)


Teixeira: "Presiza iha investigasaun ida nebe independente no transparente ba akontesimentu tiru Prezidente Horta"

Relatoriu kona ba autopsi nebe foin daudauk mosu hatudu katak lider rebelde nian nebe mate durante atentadu ida hasoru Presidente Timor-Leste - ema tiru hosi hosi besik. Jim Middleton kolia ho Jose Texeira hosi partidu FRETILIN.

A report has surfaced that autopsies show a rebel leader killed during an assassination attempt on East Timor's President - was shot at close range. Jim Middleton speaks to Jose Teixeira, from Timor's opposition Fretilin Party.